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Our Workgroups are not currently in use as of 2021, but these pages can be used to guide your editing. Use the Forum or article Talk pages for comments and questions.
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The Biology Workgroup will organize and coordinate efforts to create and improve articles relating to Biology. If you are interested in participating, you may add yourself to Category:Biology Authors, then simply dive in and begin contributing!

Please note that information below may be out-of-date.

How you can help

Please participate in the Naming conventions discussion. There is an online poll here. Also look at the proposal from Noel of separating pagenames (i.e. location) and article names (i.e. title). See the forum thread here for more details (read the whole thread for context). There is also a comprehensive blog post on the matter.

Proposed subgroups

The organisation we inherited from Wikipedia is subdivided into disciplines within biology, however, we do not have to follow such a format. We can move forward with subgroups that seem more natural, and I imagine some subgroups will include several related disciplines. We can discuss this more on the subgroups thread, in the biology forum, as we reach a critical mass of editors and authors.

Relevant lists and headers from Wikipedia are shown at the bottom of this section. Also, the list of high priority articles in the next section are currently categorized by discipline.

Core articles

Core articles are those that are as-yet unwritten and so should be prioritised. Please start articles on the topics below. Click here to edit this transcluded list.




Cell Biology

Developmental Biology




Molecular Biology




Click on the [r] after the first definition below to edit this list of transcluded subtopics.


History of biology


Other related topics


Tree of life

Classification of man

The cell




  • Natural selection [r]: The differential survival and/or reproduction of classes of entities that differ in one or more characteristics [e]
  • Genetic drift [r]: Describes how some alleles either increase or decrease in a population due to chance events. [e]
  • Sexual selection [r]: A type of natural selection due to within-sex competition for successful mating. [e]
  • Speciation [r]: An event that produces two lineages that become separate species. [e]
  • Mutation [r]: Changes to the DNA sequence that cause new genetic variation. [e]
  • Gene flow [r]: The movement of genetic alleles from one population to another. If there is a low gene flow between two populations they may become distinct species. [e]


Life cycle


  • DNA [r]: A macromolecule — chemically, a nucleic acid — that stores genetic information. [e]
  • RNA [r]: A polymer, made using the nucleotides of adenosine, guanosine, uridine and cytidine, that is used for a variety of biological functions in living systems. [e]
  • Protein [r]: A polymer of amino acids; basic building block of living systems. [e]
  • Enzyme [r]: A protein that catalyzes (i.e. accelerate) chemical reactions. [e]
  • Protein folding [r]: The physical process by which a polypeptide folds into its characteristic and functional three-dimensional structure from random coil. [e]
  • Carbohydrate [r]: Organic compounds containing carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen; includes sugars and starches that provide energy to living organisms and form an important part of the diet of most animals. [e]
  • Lipid [r]: Group of organic compounds, including the fats, oils, waxes, sterols, and triglycerides, that are insoluble in water but soluble in nonpolar organic solvents, and together with carbohydrates and proteins constitute the principal structural material of living cells. [e]
  • Glycolysis [r]: A biochemical pathway by which a molecule of glucose is oxidized to two molecules of pyruvate. [e]
  • Citric acid cycle [r]: A series of enzyme-catalysed chemical reactions of central importance in all living cells that use oxygen as part of cellular respiration. [e]
  • Electron transport chain [r]: (ETC) A series of biochemical reactions that couple a chemical reaction between an electron donor and an electron acceptor to the transfer of protons across a membrane. [e]
  • Oxidative phosphorylation [r]: A process in which ATP is formed by coupling the transfer of electrons through a series of electron carriers to proton gradients across a biological membrane; most frequently associated mitochondria and their role in aerobic respiration. [e]
  • Photosynthesis [r]: The process by which an organism captures and stores energy from sunlight, energy it uses to power its cellular activities. [e]
  • Protein structure [r]: The structure of a protein, consisting of primary, secondary and tertiary structures. [e]


High priority articles

This list of articles is not complete but it can be used as a starting point for writing new articles or focus our efforts towards getting more articles approved. Articles in bold are regarded as a higher priority. Those struck through are considered as low priority.


Level0.jpg (Approved)  Level1.jpg (Status 1)   Level2.jpg (Status 2)   Level3.jpg (Status 3)   Level4.jpg (External)

Approved Article Example article1 Approval button.png (Nominated for approval)     Approved Article Example article2 Approval button.png (Nominated for reapproval)


  1. Stub Biography
  2. Developing Article Charles Darwin
  3. Walter Bradford Cannon
  4. Stub Francis Crick
  5. Developing Article Richard Dawkins
  6. Theodosius Dobzhansky
  7. R. A. Fisher
  8. Developing Article J. B. S. Haldane
  9. Developed Article William Harvey
  10. Robert Hooke
  11. Bernard Katz
  12. John Lindley
  13. Carolus Linnaeus
  14. Konrad Lorenz
  15. Developed Article Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
  16. Developing Article Marcello Malpighi
  17. Developed Article Ernst Mayr
  18. Approved Article Barbara McClintock
  19. Developing Article Gregor Mendel
  20. Stub Louis Pasteur
  21. Developing Article Alfred Russel Wallace
  22. Developing Article James D. Watson
  23. E. O. Wilson
  24. External Article Sewall Wright
  25. Developing Article Vesalius
  26. Rosalind Franklin


  1. Developing Article Anatomy
  2. Histology
  3. Developing Article Circulatory system
    1. Stub Blood
    2. Developing Article Heart
  4. Endocrine system
    1. Gland
    2. Immune system
  5. Gastrointestinal tract
    1. Large intestine
    2. Small intestine
    3. Stub Liver
  6. Integumentary system
    1. Breast
    2. Stub Skin
  7. Stub Nervous system
    1. Developing Article Brain
    2. Developing Article Spinal cord
    3. External Article Peripheral nervous system
  8. Sensory system
    1. Stub Auditory system
      1. Developing Article Ear
    2. Gustatory system
    3. Olfactory system
      1. Developing Article Nose
    4. Somatosensory system
    5. Visual system
      1. Stub Eye
  9. Reproductive system
    1. Stub Penis
    2. Stub Vagina
  10. Respiratory system
    1. Lung
  11. Skeleton


  1. Stub Biochemistry
  2. Macromolecules
    1. Stub Nucleic acid
      1. Approved Article DNA
      2. Developing Article RNA
    2. Developing Article Protein
      1. External Article Enzyme
      2. Developing Article Amino acid
      3. Stub Peptide
    3. Carbohydrate
    4. Developed Article Lipid
  3. Approved Article Metabolism
    1. Developed Article Glycolysis
      1. NAD
    2. Krebs cycle
      1. FAD
    3. Electron transport chain
    4. Developing Article Photosynthesis
    5. Intermediary metabolism


  1. Stub Biophysics
  2. Biofilms
  3. Stub Biomechanics
    1. Molecular motor
    2. Muscle
    3. Organogenesis
  4. Biomineralisation
    1. Developing Article Fossil
    2. Skeleton
  5. Stub Bionics
  6. Biophysical techniques
    1. Confocal microscopy
    2. Developing Article CT
    3. Dielectric spectroscopy
    4. Stub ECG
    5. EEG
    6. Infrared spectroscopy
    7. MEG
    8. Stub MRI
    9. Stub Microscope
    10. Approved Article NMR spectroscopy
    11. Optical tweezers
    12. Stub Patch clamp
    13. PET
    14. TMS
    15. Ultrasound
    16. Developing Article X-ray
  7. Developing Article Cell
    1. Developing Article Cell membrane
      1. Stub Ion channel
      2. Membrane potential
      3. Phospholipid
    2. Approved Article Cell metabolism
      1. Kinetics
      2. Metabolic control theory
    3. Cell signalling
      1. Cell differentiation
      2. Immune system
    4. Cell migration
  8. Cryptobiosis
    1. Developing Article Cryobiology
      1. Stub Cryopreservation
      2. Cold hardiness
    2. Dehydration
  9. Developing Article Homeostasis
  10. Locomotion
  11. Radiobiology
  12. Stub Signal transduction
    1. Cell signalling
    2. Stub Hormones
    3. Stub Nervous system
    4. Sensory system
  13. Developed Article Systems biology
  14. Developing Article Theoretical biology
  15. Developing Article Thermodynamics


  1. Stub Botany
  2. External Article Fungus
    1. Yeast
  3. Plant
    1. Angiosperm
      1. Eudicotyledon
        1. Arabidopsis thaliana
        2. Stub Tobacco
        3. Oak
      2. Monocotyledon
        1. External Article Maize
        2. Rice
        3. Developing Article Barley
    2. Bryophyte
      1. Liverwort
      2. Stub Moss
    3. Developing Article Fern
    4. Gymnosperm
  4. Plant anatomy
    1. Leaf
    2. Developing Article Flower
      1. Petal
    3. Root
    4. Stem
    5. Plant tissues
      1. parenchyma
      2. collenchyma
      3. sclerenchyma
      4. epidermis
        1. guard cell
        2. stomate (plural: stomata)
        3. trichome
        4. root hair
      5. xylem article could merge together the subcategories
        1. vessel element
        2. tracheid
      6. phloem article could merge together the subcategories
        1. sieve tube cell
        2. companion cell
  5. Plant physiology
    1. Dehiscence
    2. Flower induction
    3. Nitrogen assimilation
    4. Plant senescence
    5. Wilting
      1. Plasmolysis
    6. Plant hormones
      1. Abscisic acid
      2. Auxin
      3. Brassinosteroid
      4. Cytokinin
      5. Ethylene
      6. Gibberellin
  6. Plant behavior
    1. Gravitropism
    2. Heliotropism
    3. Phototropism
    4. Thigmotropism

Cell biology

  1. Cell biology
  2. Developing Article Cell
  3. Stub Cell division
  4. Stub Cell nucleus
  5. Cell wall
  6. Developing Article Cell membrane
  7. Approved Article Cell metabolism
  8. Cytoplasm
  9. Developing Article Cytoskeleton
  10. Flagellum
  11. Stub Organelles
    1. Stub Chloroplast
    2. Developing Article Mitochondrion
    3. Endoplasmic reticulum
    4. Stub Golgi apparatus
    5. Vacuole
    6. Ribosome

Developmental biology

  1. Developmental biology
  2. Cellular differentiation
  3. Developing Article Stem cell
  4. Developing Article Cancer
  5. Descriptive embryology


  1. Developing Article Ecology
  2. External Article Habitat
  3. Stub Population
  4. External Article Metapopulation
  5. External Article Community (ecology)
  6. External Article Ecosystem
  7. Stub Landscape
  8. External Article Biome
  9. Species
  10. Developing Article Biodiversity
  11. External Article Biogeography
    1. Developing Article Island Biogeography
  12. Biological dispersal
  13. External Article Ecological succession
  14. External Article Symbiosis
  15. Stub Food web

Evolutionary biology

  1. Developing Article Evolutionary biology
  2. Developing Article Evolution
    1. Evidence of evolution
    2. Stub macroevolution
    3. microevolution
  3. Developing Article Natural selection
  4. Developing Article Gene flow
  5. Stub Adaptation
  6. Speciation
  7. EvoDevo


  1. Developing Article Genetics
  2. Classical genetics
    1. Mendelian inheritance
    2. Developing Article Mutation
  3. Clinical genetics
    1. Developing Article Genetic counseling
  4. Ecological genetics
  5. Molecular genetics
  6. Developing Article Population genetics
    1. selection
    2. genetic drift
    3. Developing Article gene flow
  7. Quantitative genetics


  1. Developed Article Microbiology
  2. Developed Article Archaea
  3. Developed Article Bacteria

Molecular biology

  1. Molecular biology
  2. Stub Polymerase chain reaction
  3. Gel electrophoresis
  4. Stub Southern blot
  5. Northern blot
  6. Stub Restriction enzyme
  7. Stub Western blot


  1. Neuroscience
  2. Behaviour
  3. Developing Article Brain
  4. Developing Article Spinal cord
  5. Intelligence
  6. Stub Nervous system
  7. Stub Neuron
  8. Neural development
  9. Developing Article Neuroanatomy
  10. Stub Neurochemistry
  11. Developing Article Synapse


  1. Developing Article Physiology
  2. Digestion
  3. Excretion
  4. Biological reproduction
  5. Stub Hormone
    1. Stub Pregnancy
    2. Stub Asexual reproduction
    3. Sexual reproduction
  6. Respiration (physiology)

Systems biology


  1. Developing Article Taxonomy
  2. Cladistics
  3. Stub Systematics
  4. Tree of life


  1. External Article Virology
  2. Approved Article Bacteriophage
  3. DNA virus
  4. RNA virus
  5. Viral diseases
    1. Developing Article AIDS
    2. Developing Article SARS
    3. Chicken Pox & Shingles (Varicella)


  1. Stub Zoology
  2. Stub Protist
  3. Developed Article Animal
    1. Arthropod
      1. External Article Insect
        1. Stub Ant
        2. External Article Bee
        3. Developing Article Beetle
        4. Butterfly
      2. Arachnid
    2. Chordate
      1. Amphibian
        1. Frog
      2. Developed Article Fish
        1. Shark
      3. Stub Mammal
        1. Developing Article Ape
          1. Stub Human
        2. Bat
        3. Bear
        4. Camel
        5. Developed Article Cat
        6. Developing Article Cattle
        7. The Dog Family
          1. Approved Article Dog
          2. Wolf
          3. Grey Wolf
        8. Dolphin
        9. Elephant
          1. Mammoth
        10. Developed Article Horse
        11. Sheep
        12. Lion
        13. Pig
        14. Whale
      4. Stub Reptile
        1. Developing Article Dinosaur
          1. Stub Bird
            1. Eagle
            2. Duck
            3. Chicken
            4. Stub Owl
            5. Dove
            6. Developing Article Turkey
            7. Ostrich
            8. Developing Article Penguin
        2. Snake

Core articles list

A list of core articles has been adapted from the high priority articles above at CZ:Core_Articles/Biology. These are articles that we deem vital to get the biology section going. Please add to and delete from that list but try to keep it focused to key articles rather than being a comprehensive collection. For a more comprehensive list see CZ:Biology_Workgroup/list or CZ:Biology_Workgroup/concepts.

Tree-of-life subgroup

A major part of the articles in the biology workgroup can be categorized under the concept of Tree of Life. All article about a species, genus or any other taxonomic level are part of this subgroup.

Naming convention

To be decided. Online poll is here. Also look at the proposal from Noel of separating pagenames (i.e. location) and article names (i.e. title). See the forum thread here for more details (read the whole thread for context).


  • If page address and page title are not required to be identical

  • If page address and page title are required to be identical
1. Only common name: "Giant Panda"
Example: The giant panda (Scientific name Ailuropoda melanoleuca) is a species of bear...
Pros: May be more user friendly, as most users are unfamiliar with the scientific name.
Cons: Lacks consistency, as there are no common names for some organisms. Also, if a bot is eventually used to fill out taxoboxes, it requires that the scientific name always redirect to the common name, which may not always be the case.
2. Only scientific name: "Ailuropoda melanoleuca"
Example: Ailuropoda melanoleuca, commonly known as the giant panda, is a species of bear...
Pros: More suited to bot farming of taxonomy. Avoids confusion where a common name doesn't exactly line up with a taxonomic division.
Cons: Less user friendly – would require redirects from the common name, as few users know the scientific name.
3. Both names, scientific one in parentheses: "Giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)"
Example: The Giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) is a species of bear...
Pros: Includes all information in title. This presentation of the information is fairly standard, so it is likely that users will recognize that the information in parentheses is the scientific name.
Cons: Name is long. Would require redirects from the common name, as few users know the scientific name. Poorly suited to bot farming of taxonomy. Also, the page will have to be moved if the common name OR the scientific name is changed.
4. Both names, common one in parentheses: "Ailuropoda melanoleuca (Giant Panda)"
Example: Ailuropoda melanoleuca (giant panda) is a species of bear...
Pros: Includes all information in title.
Cons: Name is long. Would require redirects from the common name, as few users know the scientific name. Poorly suited to bot farming of taxonomy. Also, the page will have to be moved if the common name OR the scientific name is changed.


Taxoboxes facilitate the navigation through the Tree-of-Life and each taxon is required to have one using the Template:Taxobox.

Major topics from wikipedia biology portal

General Life | species | biology
Ecology Biomass | food chain | indicator species | extinction | habitat | species distribution | Gaia theory
Conservation Biodiversity | biodiversity hotspot | nature reserve | edge effect | Allee effect | corridor | fragmentation | pollution | invasive species | in situ - ex situ | seedbank | environmental economics
Evolution Natural selection | genetic drift | sexual selection | speciation | mutation | gene flow
Tree of life Animals | plants | fungi | protists | bacteria | archaea | prokaryote | eukaryote | three-domain system | angiosperms | insects | nematodes | viruses
Development Tissues | fertilization | embryogenesis | gastrulation | neurulation | organogenesis | differentiation | morphogenesis | metamorphosis | ontogeny
Life cycle reproduction | ploidy | spermatogenesis | alternation of generations | oogenesis | parasitism | evolution of sex | meiosis | DNA replication
The cell Cell wall | cell membrane | cytoskeleton | mitochondrion | chloroplast | nucleus | endoplasmic reticulum | Golgi apparatus | cell cycle | mitosis | metabolism | cell signaling | protein targeting
Biochemistry DNA | RNA | protein | enzyme | protein folding | carbohydrate | lipid | glycolysis | citric acid cycle | electron transport chain | oxidative phosphorylation | photosynthesis | protein structure
Genetics Gene | genome | karyotype | transcription | translation | recombination | chromosome | Mendelian inheritance | phenotype | genotype | epigenetics | splicing | mutation | genetic fingerprint | chromatin | classical genetics | ecological genetics | molecular genetics | population genetics | quantitative genetics
Techniques Genetic engineering | transformation | gel electrophoresis | chromatography | centrifugation | cell culture | DNA sequencing | DNA microarray | green flourescent protein | vector | Enzyme assay | Protein purification | Western blot | Northern blot | Southern blot | restriction enzyme | polymerase chain reaction | two-hybrid screening
Other fields Anatomy | astrobiology | botany | bioengineering | bioinformatics | human biology | microbiology | origin of life | paleontology | parasitology | pathology | pharmacology | phylogenetics | physiology | marine biology | systems biology | taxonomy | zoology
Classification of man Primate | mammal | vertebrate | craniata | chordate | deuterostome | animal
History of biology Natural history | geography | ecology | molecular biology | evolutionary biology | Great Chain of Being


See also Category:Technical_Help