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User:J. Noel Chiappa

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[edit intro]

Hourglass drawing.svg Where Noel lives it is approximately: 00:38

Hi, I'm here because I'm very interested in the goals of Citizendium - especially the part about a reliable and high-quality online encyclopaedia - so I'm going to try and do some stuff here, as time allows.

I actually wrote the very first new Citizendium article, at the start of October, 2006: Hokusai!

I'm a long-time Wikipedian (started there in August, 2003), but I became dissatisfied with various negative aspects of Wikipedia (as so many other Wikipedians have done - I think of the group of dissatisfied Wikipedians as 'Citizendium's recruiting pool' :-).

My Wikipedia home page gives an indication of the kind of things that I am interested in and write about. For more about me, look at my home page here:

Thumbnail bio

Born in 1956; attended Saltus Grammar School in Bermuda (which is where I am from), Phillips Academy (Andover) and M.I.T. My principal professional field is computer information systems, with a focus in computer networking. Most significant professional accomplishment: participated in the early development of the Internet (starting in 1977). I have significant and deep interests in many other areas, particularly history (especially military), art (especially Asian) and music.

For more, see an extended biographical note here.

Recent favourite bon mots

  • "Computers = stupid moronic small children who have zero common sense", to Aleta.

To do [edit]

Archive [e ]



  • Hack {{Authors}} to get/show Editors from metadata
  • Create {{seebib}} = "For a more detailed guide see the [[{basename}/Bibliography|Bibliography subpage]]"
  • Maybe put together an {{edef}} that is like {{def}}, but has the edit link too?



Useful links [edit]


Test pages














Articles I created

High-priority articles todo

Articles I signed up to do when we were trying to get the project off the ground, but never did, so I now feel a debt of honour to make them happen.

And some more we really need:

Articles I have significantly upgraded

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