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A "live" article is simply one we're working on, not necessarily one that is citable. Here you can find an alphabetical list of our live articles.

More carefully defined:

An article is live if (1) we started it ourselves; or (2) it is externally sourced (e.g., from Wikipedia), and there have been at least three significant changes in three different places to the wording of an article. The following are not significant changes: removing unused templates, etc.; spelling changes and minor rewording; deletions; and shuffling text without changing it. It does not matter how many such minor changes have been made. Only significant changes, which involve adding or completely rewriting sentences, can make an externally-sourced article CZ Live.

CZ Live articles do not include lemma articles.

If you spot an article tagged "CZ Live" sourced from Wikipedia that is unimproved according to the above definition, please change the article's status (in the metadata) to 4 (external). For a more detailed explanation of the fields in the metadata see CZ:The Article Checklist.

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