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The Citizendium Organization

Find links to information about general aspects of our organization here, things like our fundamental principles, our workgroups, our personnel lists, and so forth. Want an introduction to our community? Start with Community Overview. For details of the structure of the project, read our Governance page and Charter.
Notice that we have specialized homepages for Communication (how we talk to each other), the Council (our editorial and administrative body), and the Constabulary (our project "moderators"). You might also be interested in Getting Started and Content Policy (article guidelines and more). If you can't find what you're looking for here, try there.
There are many important pages here:
  1. About
  2. FAQ
  3. Community Overview
  4. Charter
  5. Governance
  6. Workgroups
  7. Personnel
  8. Contact
  9. Eduzendium
  10. Donate


Basic organization information
An introduction to the Citizendium; our goals.
A lengthier, question-and-answer style introduction.
The Citizendium Charter. The current "constitution" of the Citizendium community.
Community Overview
How we work together: the roles of authors, editors, workgroups, etc.
CZ is overseen by elected officers on two councils.
We aren't Wikipedia
An explanation of how our project differs from Wikipedia.
Our progress quantified, updated monthly.
Privacy policy
What we do and won't do with your private information.

Support us
Become a partner
How universities, tech companies, publishers, etc., can join the effort.
How and why to support the cause.
Friends of Citizendium
A list of websites that link to us.

Press & PR
An outward-facing landing page for the press; includes our press releases.
An inward-facing page in which we prepare various PR materials.

Our people
Userinfo System and Group Status
A system for getting an overview of our doings and plans, both individually and in groups.
Lists of project participants and leadership.
How to get in touch with various Citizens.
Program in which Citizendium partners with university programs to create high-quality articles.
A list of people interested in expanding to languages other than English.
Thanks to our first year contributors and supporters
Founding Editor-in-Chief thanks dozens of participants and partners in a mailing list posting.

Project governance
Proposals System
A system that any Citizen may use to make a governance proposal.
A list of our workgroups--the groups devoted to advancing work on different subjects within CZ.
Citizendium Council
This group is directly-elected to devise editorial and managerial policy, and settle disputes.
See also Managing Editor and Constabulary.
These have separate homepages.
Approval of CZ namespace pages
Here is how to make new "approved" versions of CZ: namespace pages (such as CZ:Article Mechanics).
New Workgroup Requests
Request new workgroups here.
Topic Partners
A proposal for how to partner with other organizations for work on specific subjects.

Supplemental content
Archived Pages
Pages that are no longer in use. "Historical" interest only.
Cold Storage
Problematic articles removed from the main namespace are sometimes put here, simply out of respect for the author.

Citizendium Organization
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