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The University of Aberdeen is a public research university with two campuses in the Scottish city of Aberdeen and an international campus in Doha, Qatar.[1] It was founded in 1495, making it the third oldest university in Scotland.[2] The university is also a registered charity.[3] As of 2018, it has 14,500 students and the full time equivalent of 2,600 staff.[4] Between 2011 and 2020 the Times Higher Education World University Rankings has placed Aberdeen between 149th and 188th.[5]

The current chancellor is Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and its vice-chancellor is Professor George Boyne.[6] Between 2015 and 2018, the university had an average income of £263,000,000 per year and spent £238,000,000 a year.[3] In its financial year ending 31 July 2018, a quarter of its income came from tuition fees, just over a third from funding council grants, and just over a quarter from research grants.[4]


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