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  • History of the kilt [r]: Chronology of the development and history of the kilt. [e]
  • Kilt variants [r]: Any of a number of garments in some ways similar to the traditional Scottish kilt, but differing therefrom in some significant fashion. [e]
  • Kilt Makers Association of Scotland [r]: A trade organization based in Scotland and established for the purpose of prescribing quality standards for the manufacture and tailoring of kilts and to uphold what they see as the "traditional" way of making kilts [e]
  • Kilt accessories [r]: The entire range of items of wearing apparel, from headgear to footwear and everything in between, typically worn with the Scottish kilt. [e]
  • Vestiarium Scoticum [r]: A mid-19th century book, now known as a forgery, which purported to be a reproduction of an ancient manuscript on the clan tartans of Scottish families. [e]
  • Highland games [r]: Festivals held throughout the year and in many countries of the world whose purpose is to celebrate the culture and heritage of Scotland and especially the Scottish Highlands. [e]
  • Highland dancing [r]: The national dance of Scotland and one of two basic types of Scottish dancing which can be seen at nearly every modern day Highland games event. [e]
  • Great Highland Bagpipe [r]: The Scottish Highlands version of a double reed woodwind instrument whose sound is produced by the manipulation of a bag which holds an air reservoir. [e]
  • Tartan [r]: A woolen fabric which, in conjunction with the distinctive plaid pattern, is often associated with a particular Scottish clan, and is the working material out of which the traditional Scottish kilt is made. [e]
  • Aboyne dress [r]: The prescribed attire for females in the Scottish national dance competitions which can be seen at Highland Games gatherings. [e]
  • Highland clearances [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Jacobites [r]: Supporters of the deposed Stuart line; raised several rebellions, finally crushed at the Battle of Culloden 1746. [e]
  • Scottish clan [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Glencoe Massacre [r]: A notorious massacre which brought discredit upon the government of William and Mary and became a battle cry for the Jacobite cause in the Highlands of Scotland. [e]
  • Battle of Culloden [r]: On April 16, 1746, Hanoverian forces defeated the clans who rallied in support of Charles Edward Stuart, ending the Jacobite rebellions. [e]
  • Act of Proscription [r]: Add brief definition or description


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