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Charles Edward Stuart/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Charles Edward Stuart.
See also changes related to Charles Edward Stuart, or pages that link to Charles Edward Stuart or to this page or whose text contains "Charles Edward Stuart".

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  • Glorious Revolution [r]: (1688 - 89) Largely bloodless events which deposed King James VII and II (of Scotland and England), brought William and Mary to the thrones and established the monarchy on a contract basis. [e]
  • Vestiarium Scoticum [r]: A mid-19th century book, now known as a forgery, which purported to be a reproduction of an ancient manuscript on the clan tartans of Scottish families. [e]
  • Kilt [r]: A knee-length, skirtlike, traditional Scottish garment, usually worn by men as part of Highland attire. [e]
  • Great Highland Bagpipe [r]: The Scottish Highlands version of a double reed woodwind instrument whose sound is produced by the manipulation of a bag which holds an air reservoir. [e]