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River [r]: A natural, surface stream made of water. [e]

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This is a list of the longest rivers on the Earth. The data should be considered as approximate and informative, since it is difficult to precisely measure rivers' lengths and drainage areas, while the discharges vary considerably in time.

River Length (km) Drainage area (km²) Average discharge at mouth (m³/s) Source Outflow Continent Countries
1. Amazon 6,520 7,180,000 180,000 inter-Andean plateau Atlantic Ocean South America Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela
2. Nile 6,480 2,880,000 1,600 Great Lakes region of central Africa (White Nile); Lake Tana, Ethiopia (Blue Nile) Mediterranean Sea Africa Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Egypt
3. Yangtze 6,300 1,970,000 35,000 Qinghai Province, China East China Sea Asia China
4. Mississippi - Missouri 6,020 3,220,000 17,545 Lake Itasca, Minnesota (Mississippi); Brower's Spring, Montana, United States (Missouri) Gulf of Mexico North America United States
5. Ob - Irtysh 5,570 2,975,000 12,600 Gulf of Ob Asia Russia
6. Yenisei 5,550 2,605,000 19,600 Kara Sea Asia
7. Yellow River 4,850 745,000 1,365 Gyaring Lake and Ngoring Lake, Qinghai Province, China Bohai Sea Asia China
8. Congo 4,700 3,822,000 42,000 Lake Tanganyika, Lake Mweru Atlantic Ocean Africa
9. Amur 4,510 1,855,000 12,500 Sea of Okhotsk Asia Mongolia, Russia, China
10. Río de la Plata 4,700 2,650,000 19,500 Atlantic ocean South America Argentina, Uruguay
11. Lena 4,270 2,490 16,400 Baikal Mountains Laptev Sea Asia Russia
12. Mekong 4,350 810,000 South China Sea Asia Laos, Thailand, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar
13. Mackenzie 4,250 Beaufort Sea North America
14. Niger 4,030 Gulf of Guinea Africa
15. Saint Lawrence 3,100 1,300,000 10,400 Great Lakes, Lake Champlain, Ottawa, Richelieu, and Saguenay rivers Gulf of Saint Lawrence North America Canada, United States
16. Volga 3,690 Caspian Sea Europe Russia
17. Murray - Darling 3,370 Pacific Ocean Australia Australia
18. Yukon 3,185 Bering Sea North America
19. Zambezi 2,660 Mozambique Channel Africa
20. Orinoco 2,500 South America
21. São Francisco 2,900 Atlantic Ocean South America
22. Rio Grande 2,870 Gulf of Mexico North America
23. Indus Arabian Sea Asia
24. Euphrates - Tigris Persian Gulf Asia
25. Danube 2,860 805,000 6,450 Black Forest, Germany Black Sea Europe Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine
26. Salween Andaman Sea Asia
27. Brahmaputra Bay of Bengal Asia
28. Nelson Hudson Bay North America
29. Ganges 2,510 1,070,000 15,000 Gangotri Glacier, Himalayas (India) Bay of Bengal Asia India, Bangladesh
30. Amu Darya Asia
31. Ural 2,534 220,000 350 Caspian Sea Asia Russia, Kazakhstan
32. Kolyma 2,500 East Siberian Sea Asia Russia
33. Colorado 2,333 390,000 La Poudre Pass Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado, United States) Gulf of California North America United States
34. Dnieper Black Sea Europe
35. Olenyok 2,300 Laptev Sea Asia Russia
36. Orange Atlantic Ocean Africa
37. Tarim - Khotan 2,100 Lop Nur Asia China
38. Columbia 2,250 Pacific Ocean North America United States, Canada