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Core articles

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  • Anthropology [r]: The holistic study of humankind; from the Greek words anthropos ("human") and logia ("study"). [e]

Major anthropological fields

  • Cultural anthropology [r]: Add brief definition or description
    • Culture area [r]: A region, in anthropology, in which the environment and cultures are very similar. [e]
    • Ethnography [r]: The scientific collection of data regarding culture and society, generally entailing direct engagement with the culture or society under study. [e]
    • Ethnology [r]: The theoretical study of human cultures and societies. [e]
      • Ethnic group [r]: A population whose members identify with one another as distinct from others. This usually occurs through a perceived common history, and often also includes shared culture, race, religion, or language. [e]
      • Cult [r]: Religious sect or group that is relatively limited in size and often considered to be particularly dangerous, manipulative or all-encompassing. [e]
        • Cargo cult [r]: A group of social movements that began in Melanesia in the late nineteenth century which believe that manufactured goods, including canned goods, airplanes, and automobiles, were created by spirits or ancestors of Melanesian people. [e]
      • Folklore [r]: The body of myths, legends, and traditional beliefs of a people or the study of those beliefs. [e]
      • Mythology [r]: The study of myths and sagas. [e]
        • Tecum Umam [r]: Legendary defender of the Maya and national hero of Guatemala. [e]
      • Ritual [r]: Set of actions, performed mainly for their symbolic value, which is prescribed by a convention or by the traditions of a community. [e]
  • Linguistic anthropology [r]: The branch of anthropology that brings linguistic methods to bear on anthropological problems, linking the analysis of semiotic and particularly linguistic forms and processes to the interpretation of sociocultural processes. [e]
    • Language (general) [r]: A type of communication system, commonly used in linguistics, computer science and other fields to refer to different systems, including 'natural language' in humans, programming languages run on computers, and so on. A wider definition of language - what counts as a language and what doesn't - is a difficult philosophical topic, deserving an article in its own right. [e]
  • Physical anthropology [r]: The anthropological study of humans as a biological species. [e]
    • Paleoanthropology [r]: The branch of physical anthropology that focuses on the study of human evolution, tracing the anatomic, behavioral and genetic linkages of our ancient, usually bipedal, ancestors. [e]
      • Human evolution [r]: The study of the physical and behavioral genetic adaptations of the species belonging to the subfamily hominidae. [e]
        • Evolution of the human diet [r]: Factors in the development of the human diet in history. [e]
        • Fossil hominin species [r]: Twenty recognized species of extinct hominin, found as prehistoric skeletal remains which are archeologically earlier than Neolithic. [e]
        • Hominin [r]: Primates in the Tribe Hominini which is a relatively recent classification under which it is proposed would fall all of the fossil and living bipedal apes including the Australopithecines, fossil members of the genus Homo and living humans. It is generally replacing the term hominid in the scientific literature. [e]
        • Kennewick Man [r]: An Early Holocene human skeleton first discovered near Kennewick, Washington in 1996. [e]
      • Paleoanthropology in South Africa [r]: Add brief definition or description
    • Human biology [r]: Interdisciplinary academic field of biology, biological anthropology, nutrition and medicine which focuses on humans. [e]
  • Social anthropology [r]: Add brief definition or description
    • Human geography [r]: The branch of geography that focuses on the systematic study of patterns and processes that shape human interaction with the environment. [e]

Interdisciplinary anthropology

  • Anthropological linguistics [r]: The study of language through human genetics and human development. [e]
    • Creolistics [r]: The study of creole and pidgin languages. [e]
      • Creole (language) [r]: Native language, such as Haitian Creole, which under most definitions originated as a pidgin (a rudimentary language without native speakers, created by at least two groups of speakers as a contact language. i.e. to allow immediate communication) but became as complex as any other language through being acquired by children as a first language. [e]
      • Pidgin [r]: Please do not use this term in your topic list, because there is no single article for it. Please substitute a more precise term. See Pidgin (disambiguation) for a list of available, more precise, topics. Please add a new usage if needed.
  • Ethnobotany [r]: The science that studies how plants are used in various cultures. [e]
  • Ethnomathematics [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Indigenous knowledge system [r]: Set of knowledge, skills and technologies existing and developed around specific conditions of indigenous populations and communities. [e]
  • Integrative medicine [r]: Organized health care that involves willing cooperation between mainstream and complementary medicine [e]
  • Intercultural competence [r]: The ability to successfully communicate with people of other cultures. [e]

Prominent figures in anthropology

A list of "must read" anthropologists taken from an Open Anthropology Cooperative discussion about the main figures of the history of anthropology

19th Century

20th Century

Welcome to the Anthropology Workgroup
Anthropology mural by Stephen Ewen CC-by-sa.jpg
Welcome to the Anthropology workgroup on CZ - we are working on priority topics and have compiled the list below and are trying to work through them one by one. Also, you will note in the list below that we have marked in bold and italics many of the articles. The reason we have done this is that we believe that these are either High Priority "stem" articles, or they are articles that we believe people will search for frequently, or type in when beginning a search on a topic. Please note that all "lists" are considered High Priority. One of the most critical tasks - we feel - is to complete some of the major headings, as the subtopics are then logically identified and can thus be listed. Please feel free to add to the list as you see fit.

Anyone who can work on editing and moving towards approval, begin one of these with a stub if it doesn't exist, or better yet build a developed article please do so! It would also be helpful if some authors would look at completing articles, or editors moving more developed articles towards approval. See our list of developed articles for additional topics not listed below. Articles in this list are accompanied by a pictorial representation of the article's status: the possible depictions are Level3.jpg, Level2.jpg, Level1.jpg and Level0.jpg, with the status of the article increasing from stubby (left) to approved (right). An external article that has been imported into citizendium with no changes is indicated by an empty status image (Level4.jpg) and articles that do not yet exist at Citizendium show up in red.

On behalf of all the authors and editors already aboard, many thanks in advance!

—The Editors

Update: Anthro is piloting CZ's first workgroup status table. If you're an editor or author in the Anthropology Workgroup, won't you, please, add yourself to the Userinfo System, and be sure to fill out an anthropology data page for your work in this workgroup? (That's step 6.)

Priority List for the Anthropology Workgroup   edit


Developing Article Anthropology - needs some additions and clarifications of sub-disciplines


GV handaxe.jpg
As archaeology has its own workgroup, we will be collaborating with the authors and editors there on most if not all articles in this category.

Developing Article Archaeology - stub - needs lots of work

Great Zimbabwe.jpg
Colosseum inside.JPG
Terra cotta soldiers.jpg
Yaxchilan - Temple of the Mazes.JPG



Physical anthropology

Developing Article Physical anthropology - stub- needs work


Developing Article Genetics - good article needs to move towards approval

Forensic anthropology

Forensic anthropology

Cultural anthropology

Nepal Field2 0005.jpg

Many of these articles will be written in conjunction with the Sociology Workgroup.

Cultural anthropology


Stub Sociology - stub - needs lots of work

Linguistic anthropology

Many of these articles will be written in conjunction with the Linguistics Workgroup.

Developed Article Linguistic anthropology - good article needs to move towards approval

Nutritional anthropology

Nutritional Anthropology


Historical articles



Stub Primatology (Together with the Biology workgroup)

Ringtailed lemur tail extended.jpg


Many of these articles will probably be written in conjunction with authors from the Archaeology and Geology Workgroups.


Stub Paleoanthropology- needs work

Famous fossils

Famous fossils

Fossil sites

Fossil sites

Historical archaeology at Champoeg townsite, Oregon 1973 CC-by-sa by John Atherton.jpg


Developed Article Taphonomy

Biographies of Anthropologists, Archeologists etc.

Please note - all individuals within the "lists" are considered "high priority". Individuals listed below each list are considered "very high priority" biographies by the editors - authors are encouraged to write these first.

Émile Durkheim.jpg
Lewis Leakey examining skulls from Olduvai Gorge.jpg
Margaret Mead, half-length portrait, facing right, reading book - World-Telegram photo by Edward Lynch - LOC LC-USZ62-120226.jpg

Key works

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Ethics and methodologies