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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Primate.
See also changes related to Primate, or pages that link to Primate or to this page or whose text contains "Primate".

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Superfamily Lemuroidea
Family Cheirogaleidae

Fat-tailed Dwarf Lemur:

Southern Dwarf Lemur:

Greater Dwarf Lemur:

Furry-eared Dwarf Lemur:

Small Iron-gray Dwarf Lemur:

Large Iron-gray Dwarf Lemur:

Lesser Mouse Lemur:

Gray-brown Mouse Lemur:

Jolly's Mouse Lemur:

Golden-brown Mouse Lemur:

Simmons' Mouse Lemur:

Sambirano Mouse Lemur:

Mittermeier's Mouse Lemur:

Russet Mouse Lemur:

Berthe's Mouse Lemur:

Goodman's Mouse Lemur:

Northern Rufous Mouse Lemur:

Pygmy Mouse Lemur:

Coquerel's Mouse Lemur:

Northern Mouse Lemur:

Hairy-eared Dwarf Lemur:

Fork-crowned Lemur:

Family Lemuridae

Ring-tailed Lemur:

Black Lemur:

Brown Lemur:

Red-fronted Brown Lemur:

Mongoose Lemur:

Crowned Lemur:

Red-bellied Lemur:

Gray Gentle Lemur:

Golden Gentle Lemur:

Broad-nosed Gentle Lemur:

Black and white ruffed lemur (Ruffed Lemur):

Family Megaladapidae

Weasel Sportive Lemur:

Small-toothed Sportive Lemur:

White-footed Sportive Lemur:

Red-tailed Sportive Lemur:

Antafia Sportive Lemur:

Randrianasolo's Sportive Lemur:

Milne-Edwards Sportive Lemur:

Gray-backed Sportive Lemur:

Sahamalaza Peninsula Sportive Lemur:

Northern Sportive Lemur:

Family Indriidae


Eastern Woolly Lemur:

Western Woolly Lemur:

Cleese's Woolly Lemur:

Unicolor Woolly Lemur:

Diademed Sifaka:

Verreaux's Sifaka:

Family Daubentoniidae


Superfamily Lorisoidea
Family Loridae

Calabar Potto:

Golden Potto:


Martin's False Potto:

Slender Loris:

Slow Loris:

Lesser Slow Loris:

Family Galagonidae

Greater Galago:

Silvery Greater Galago:

Garnett's Galago:

Southern Needle-clawed Galago:

Northern Needle-clawed Galago:

Eastern Needle-clawed Galago:

Lesser Galago:

Southern Lesser Galago:

Allen's Galago:

Zanzibar Galago:

Demidoff's Galago:

Thomas's Galago:


Family Tarsiidae

Philippine Tarsier:

Horsfield's Tarsier:

Spectral Tarsier:

Dian's Tarsier:

Lariang Tarsier:

Peleng Island Tarsier:

Sangihe Island Tarsier:

Pygmy Tarsier:

Superfamily Ceboidea
Family Cebidae

Bolivian Titi:

Bolivian Gray Titi:

Beni Titi:

Andean Titi:

Ashy-gray Titi:

Hoffmann's Titi:

Dusky Titi:

Brown Titi:

Madidi Titi:

Chestnut Bellied Titi:

Red Titi:

Hershkovitz's Titi:

Masked Titi:

Collared Titi:

Lemurine Owl Monkey:

Brumback's Owl Monkey:

Hershkovitz's Owl Monkey:

Northern Owl Monkey:

Spix's Owl Monkey:

Andean Owl Monkey:

Peruvian Red-necked Owl Monkey:

Black-headed Owl Monkey:

Southern Owl Monkey:

Kuhl's Owl Monkey:

White-faced Saki:

Monk Saki:

Bald-faced Saki:

Red-bearded Saki:

Buffy Saki:

Black Saki:

White-nosed Saki:

Black-headed Uakari:

Red Uakari:

White-throated Capuchin:

White-fronted Capuchin:

Weeper Capuchin:

Ka'apor Capuchin:

Black-capped Capuchin:

Red-backed Squirrel Monkey:

Common Squirrel Monkey:

Golden-backed Squirrel Monkey:

Bolivian Squirrel Monkey:

Blackish Squirrel Monkey:

Guatemalan Howler Monkey:

Mantled Howler Monkey:

Coiba Island Howler Monkey:

Red Howler Monkey:

Red-handed Howler Monkey:

Brown Howler Monkey:

Black Howler Monkey:

Black Spider Monkey:

Long-haired Spider Monkey:

Black-faced Spider Monkey:

Brown-headed Spider Monkey:

Black-handed Spider Monkey:

Woolly Spider Monkey:

Humboldt's Woolly Monkey:

Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey:

Family Callitrichidae

Goeldi's Marmoset:

Common Marmoset:

Black Tufted-ear Marmoset:

Wied's Marmoset:

Geoffroy's Tufted-ear Marmoset:

Buffy-headed Marmoset:

Buffy Tufted-ear Marmoset:

Silvery Marmoset:

Golden-white Bare-ear Marmoset:

Snethlage's Marmoset:

Black-headed Marmoset:

Black-tailed Marmoset:

Black-and-white Tassel-ear Marmoset:

Rio Maues Marmoset:

Golden-white Tassel-ear Marmoset:

Tassel-ear Marmoset:

Dwarf Marmoset:

Rio Acari Marmoset:

Rio Manicore Marmoset:

Pygmy Marmoset:

Golden Lion Tamarin:

Golden-headed Lion Tamarin:

Golden-rumped Lion Tamarin:

Black-faced Lion Tamarin:

Midas Tamarin:

Black-mantle Tamarin:

Saddle-back Tamarin:

Golden-mantle Saddle-back Tamarin:

Black-chested Moustached Tamarin:

Red-bellied Tamarin:

Emperor Tamarin:

Pied Tamarin:

Cotton-top Tamarin:

Geoffroy's Tamarin:

White-footed Tamarin:

Mottle-face Tamarin:

Superfamily Hominoidea
Family Hylobatidae

White-handed Gibbon:

Agile Gibbon:

Mueller's Gibbon:

Moloch Gibbon:

Pileated Gibbon:

Kloss' Gibbon:

Hoolock Gibbon:

Black Gibbon:


Family Hominidae



Pygmy Chimpanzee (Bonobo):

Common Chimpanzee:


Superfamily Cercopithecoidea
Family Cercopithecidae
Subfamily Cercopithecinae

Allen's Swamp Monkey:

Talapoin Monkey:

Patas Monkey:

Vervet Monkey:

Sykes Monkey:

Dryas Monkey:

Zaire Diana Monkey:

Diana Monkey:

Greater White-nosed Monkey:

Blue Monkey:

Mona Monkey:

Campbell's Monkey:

Crowned Guenon:

Wolf's Monkey:

Lesser White-nosed Monkey:

Red-bellied Monkey:

Sclater's Monkey:

Red-eared Nose-spotted Monkey:

Moustached Monkey:

Redtail Monkey:

L'hoest's Monkey:

Preuss's Monkey:

Sun-tailed Monkey:

Hamlyn's Monkey:

DeBrazza's Monkey:

Barbary Macaque:

Lion-tailed Macaque:

Pigtailed Macaque:

Mentawai Macaque:

Moor Macaque:

Ochre Macaque:

Muna-Butung Macaque:

Tonkean Macaque:

Heck's Macaque:

Gorontalo Macaque:

Celebes Macaque:

Crab-eating Macaque:

Stumptailed Macaque:

Rhesus Macaque:

Formosan Rock Macaque:

Japanese Macaque:

Toque Macaque:

Bonnet Macaque:

Assamese Macaque:

Arunachal Macaque:

Pere David's Macaque:

Gray-cheeked Mangabey:

Highland Mangabey:

Black Mangabey:

Hamadryas Baboon:

Guinea Baboon:

Olive Baboon:

Yellow Baboon:

Chacma Baboon:

Gelada Baboon:

Sooty Mangabey:

White-collared Mangabey:

Agile Mangabey:

Tana River Mangabey:



Subfamily Colobinae

Black Colobus Monkey:

Angolan Black-and-white Colobus Monkey:

Western Black-and-white Colobus Monkey:

Geoffroy's Black-and-white Colobus Monkey:

Abyssinian Black-and-white Colobus Monkey:

Western Red Colobus Monkey:

Pennant's Red Colobus Monkey:

Preuss's Red Colobus Monkey:

Tana River Red Colobus Monkey:

Olive Colobus Monkey:

Hanuman Langur:

Purple-faced Langur:

Nilgiri Langur:

Javan Langur:

Silvered Leaf-monkey:

Tenasserim Langur:

Dusky Leaf-monkey:

Phayre's Leaf-monkey:

Capped Langur:

Golden Langur:

Francois' Leaf-monkey:

Hatinh Langur:

White-headed Langur:

Laotian Langur:

Delacour's Langur:

Mitered Leaf-monkey:

Banded Leaf-monkey:

White Fronted Leaf-monkey:

Grizzled Leaf-monkey:

Thomas's Leaf-monkey:

Hose's Leaf-monkey:

Maroon Leaf-monkey:

Mentawai Island Leaf-monkey:

Douc Langur:

Snub-nosed Langur:

Black Snub-nosed Langur:

Brelich's Snub-nosed Langur:

Tonkin Snub-nosed Langur:

Proboscis Monkey:

Pig-tailed Langur:


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