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Parent topics

  • Brain [r]: The core unit of a central nervous system. [e]
  • Nervous system [r]: The control unit of bodily functions in animals. [e]
  • Neurochemistry [r]: A subfield of biology that focuses on the chemical makeup of the brain with a particular emphasis on the metabolism of neuroactive compounds like neurotransmitters. [e]
  • Neurophysiology [r]: The branch of physiology that studies the functions of the nervous system. [e]
  • Neurology [r]: The medical specialty concerned with evaluating the nervous system and the other system that it affects, and the treatment of nervous system disorders. [e]



Amino acids


Biogenic monoamines

From phenylalanine and tyrosine
From tryptophan
From histidine
  • Histamine [r]: A biogenic amine involved in local immune responses as well as regulating physiological function in the gut and acting as a neurotransmitter. [e]


Other related topics

  • Autonomic nervous system [r]: Neurones that are not under conscious control, comprising two antagonistic components, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. [e]
  • Parasympathetic nervous system [r]: Motor division of the autonomic nervous system, which has cholinergic nerve endings, which inhibits the heart, contracts the pupils, and produces a vagus-insulin axis of activity. [e]
  • Sympathetic nervous system [r]: Portion of the autonomic nervous system concerned with nonvolitional preparation of the organism for emergency situations. [e]