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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Biological weapon.
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Parent topics



Potential agents

Investigation and verification



  • Centrifuge [r]: A device which separates particles or droplets suspended in a liquid based on their relative densities,using centrifugal force generated by spinning the sample rapidly around a fixed axis. [e]
  • Fermenter [r]: In an industrial context, a large vessel, agitators and circulating pumps, heating or chilling, air supply or air exclusion, etc., used to produce large amounts of microorganisms or of their components or secretions [e]
  • Lyophilizer [r]: Commonly called a freeze-dryer, a method of preserving, with high quality, foods, sensitive chemicals, and even living cells, by chilling them to cryogenic temperatures and then applying vacuum such that the frozen water sublimes in place, not disrupting the structure of the frozen material [e]



  • Counterproliferation [r]: The set of activities that detect and monitor the threat of weapons of special concern against one's own nation and one's allies. [e]


Other related topics

  • Chemical Weapons Convention [r]: Arms control treaty which prohibits the production, use and possession of chemical weapons and related assets. [e]