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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Weapons of mass destruction.
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Parent topics

  • Biological weapon [r]: Living organisms, or substances produced by living organisms, used as weapons to produce death or disease in human or agricultural populations [e]
  • Chemical weapon [r]: A weapon that cause death or disease by means of chemical interaction with the metabolism of the victim, as opposed to causing injury through blast, thermal, or other effects not on a molecular level [e]
  • Nuclear weapon [r]: an extremely dangerous bomb based atomic fission (the "atom bomb" or A-bomb) or fusion (the "hydrogen" or H-bomb); a powerful conventional bomb is also needed to trigger the atomic reaction. [e]
  • Radiological weapon [r]: A weapon that uses explosives or other mechanical means to disperse radioactive substances that present a hazard of producing acute radiation syndrome or other harmful effects, such as contaminating an area and making it unusable [e]


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