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Warship/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Warship.
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Parent topics

  • Naval warfare [r]: The military history of the organized navies of the world from 300 BCE to the present. [e]
  • Ship [r]: Vessel larger than a boat for transporting people, goods, or defence by sea, and capable of crossing open waters. [e]






  • Battlecruiser [r]: A large warship with guns comparable to those of a battleship, equal or greater speed, but less armor; "can catch what it can kill and run away from what can kill it"; had disastrous experiences when fighting true battleships [e]
  • Battleship [r]: A heavily-armored, warship optimized for fighting other warships using large-caliber guns; certain armor requirements differentiated from cruisers; obsolete by end of World War II. [e]
  • Monitor (warship) [r]: An armored warship, possibly limited to coastal waters, with large-caliber guns in one or more turrets [e]
  • Ship of the line [r]: A major sailing warship, intended to fight in fleet actions (i.e., in line of battle) [e]

Other related topics

  • Amphibious warfare [r]: The set of techniques, equipment, specialized units, and methods of training needed to move troops across water, and deliver them to land, ready for immediate combat. [e]
  • Freedom of navigation [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Power projection [r]: The capability to deploy military forces, even if limited to air and special operations, on short notice over intercontinental ranges [e]
  • Ship ceremonies [r]: Historical occasions in the life of a ship, usually beginning with keel-laying, and proceeding to launching, and, for naval vessels and vessels in a merchant service, ship commissioning; warships tend to have additional ceremonies such as change of command and decommissioning [e]
  • Underway replenishment [r]: A series of techniques, introduced in the Second World War, for keeping warships in constant operation by resupplying them at sea; challenging both in the pure seamanship of the transfer, and the logistical system that brings supplies to the ships [e]