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A ship, craft, or boat, is a vessel that floats on water and is used as a means of transportation, defense, or recreation. Although the term "boat" may be used synonymously as a "slang term" for the word "ship", the opposite is not usually the case as there is a distinction between the size of the two; boats are usually smaller than ships.

Types of ships

There are many different types of ships that all serve different functions. For instance, the United States Navy places orders for a specific type of ship, a warship, to be used for deployment of troops, artillery, and for it's own Naval Fleet.

Cruise ships are built for the purpose of travelling around the world's oceans, taking tourists and vacationers to warm climates for a period of time.

Bulk Carriers, Tankers, and Container Ships are instances of Cargo Vessels.

Ship construction

Ships are usually built at a shipyard; these facilities are specifically designed for the construction of large transportation vessels and as such are often located at ports as well, to perform maintenance and upkeep of the ship.

Traditions and customs aboard

There are many traditions associated with sailing that have carried over since the early days of setting out to sea in waters unknown. One of which was the christening of a ship that completed and was set upon its maiden voyage. Upon launch, a champagne bottle would be broken against the hull of the ship to celebrate the occasion. The United States Navy has many traditions and customs that take place while on a ship, including crossing over the equator, and crossing through the panama canal. On a (male) sailor's first trip across the equator, it is customary to wear women's clothing.