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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Restructuring of the U.S. political right.
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  • Neoconservatism [r]: A political philosophy and ideology which combines many traditional conservative opinions with an emphasis on the importance of foreign policy and using American power to push democracy forward. [e]
  • Social conservatism [r]: A political ideology that holds to a belief in following cultural tradition and traditional, often religious morality. [e]
  • National security conservatism [r]: A political belief that the defense of the nation, from attacks from nation-states and non-national actors, is the primary responsibility of government [e]
  • Libertarianism [r]: A political ideology that regards individual freedom as having the highest value in society. [e]
  • Liberalism [r]: Economic and political doctrine advocating free enterprise, free competition and free will. [e]
  • Paleoconservatism [r]: A branch of American conservatism that stresses tradition, civil society, classical federalism and the heritage of traditional Christian civilization, and opposed socialism, the Eisenhower "New Deal" and neoconservatism; Patrick Buchanan is prominent [e]
  • Christian Right [r]: A number of contemporary right-wing political movements that are specifically Christian, which advocate socially conservative values in politics and the popular culture [e]
  • The NextRight [r]: A website intended for forward-looking analysis to rebuild the U.S. political right, from what it considers the dysfunctional Republican and conservative movements [e]


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