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  • Almost sure convergence [r]: The probability that the given sequence of random variables converges is 1. [e]
  • Augustin-Louis Cauchy [r]: (1789 – 1857) prominent French mathematician, one of the pioneers of rigor in mathematics and complex analysis. [e]
  • Bounded set [r]: A set for which there is a constant C such that the norm of all elements in the set is less than C. [e]
  • Cauchy sequence [r]: Sequence in which the distance between two elements becomes smaller and smaller. [e]
  • Closure (topology) [r]: A set together with all its limit points. [e]
  • Complete metric space [r]: Property of spaces in which every Cauchy sequence converges to an element of the space. [e]
  • Limit (mathematics) [r]: Mathematical concept based on the idea of closeness, used mainly in studying the behaviour of functions close to values at which they are undefined. [e]
  • Limit of a function [r]: Mathematical concept used to describe the behavior of a function as its argument either "gets close" to some point, or as it becomes arbitrarily large. [e]
  • Real number [r]: A limit of the Cauchy sequence of rational numbers. [e]
  • Sequence [r]: An enumerated list in mathematics; the elements of this list are usually referred as to the terms. [e]
  • Series (mathematics) [r]: A sequence of numbers defined by the partial sums of another infinite sequence. [e]