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  • Augustin-Louis Cauchy [r]: (1789 – 1857) prominent French mathematician, one of the pioneers of rigor in mathematics and complex analysis. [e]
  • Big O notation [r]: Mathematical notation to express various upper bounds concerning asymptotic behaviour of functions, e.g. the complexity of algorithms in computer science. [e]
  • Convergence (disambiguation) [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Gamma function [r]: A mathematical function that extends the domain of factorials to non-integers. [e]
  • Holomorphic function [r]: Function from to is called holomorphic in domain if for every open domain there exist derivative . [e]
  • Inclusion-exclusion principle [r]: Principle that, if A and B are finite sets, the number of elements in the union of A and B can be obtained by adding the number of elements in A to the number of elements in B, and then subtracting from this sum the number of elements in the intersection of A and B. [e]
  • Integral [r]: A central concept in calculus that generalizes the idea of a sum to cover quantities which may be continuously varying. [e]
  • Lambert W function [r]: Used to solve equations in which the unknown appears both outside and inside an exponential function or a logarithm. [e]
  • Limit of a function [r]: Mathematical concept used to describe the behavior of a function as its argument either "gets close" to some point, or as it becomes arbitrarily large. [e]
  • Limit of a sequence [r]: A sequence which converges to (or approaches) the limit a as n tends to infinity. [e]
  • Neighbourhood (topology) [r]: In a topological space, a set containing a given point in its interior, expressing the idea of points "near" this point. [e]
  • Newton's method [r]: Technique to approximate the roots of an equation by the methods of the calculus. [e]
  • Real number [r]: A limit of the Cauchy sequence of rational numbers. [e]
  • Stochastic process [r]: Family of random variables, dependent upon a parameter which usually denotes time. [e]