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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Ampere's equation.
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Parent topics

  • Biot-Savart law [r]: Gives the magnetic field at some distance of an electric current-carrying wire. [e]
  • Electric current [r]: The flow of electric charge carried by mobile electrons in a conductor, ions in an electrolyte or both in a plasma. [e]
  • Lorentz force [r]: Force on an electrically charged particle that moves through a magnetic and an electric field. [e]


Other related topics

  • Ampere's law [r]: The integral of a magnetic field over a closed path is equal to the conduction current through the surface bounded by the path. [e]
  • Coulomb's law [r]: An inverse-square distance law, like Newton's gravitational law, describing the forces acting between electric point charges; also valid for the force between magnetic poles. [e]
  • Magnetization [r]: Magnetic moment per unit volume of a material, denoted M, defined in terms of the magnetic moments of its constituents by M=(1/V)Σj mj where the magnetic moment mj of the j-th constituent in the volume V is a vector property that determines the torque the object experiences in a magnetic field tending to align its moment with the field. [e]
  • Magnetic moment [r]: A vector property of an object that determines the torque it experiences in a magnetic flux density. [e]
  • Relative permeability [r]: A factor describing magnetizability as a proportionality between magnetic flux density and magnetic field in a magnetic material or medium. [e]
  • International System of Units [r]: Metric unit system based on the metre, kilogram, second, ampere, kelvin, mole and candela. [e]

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