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Louis F. Sander

Formal Education: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina; Master of Business Administration, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, Chicago, Illinois.

Writing Experience: This includes about 500 articles, columns, programs and reviews for dozens of print publications, including local newspapers and computer magazines with worldwide circulation. During my "computer period" in the 1980's I was a prolific and well-known writer on Commodore subjects. I wrote dozens of articles, two books (one of them translated into Italian) and several very popular columns, most notably the Magic column in RUN magazine. My work was reprinted in six other books that I know of. Though my computer writing spanned all the computers of the day, it stopped when Commodore faded from the scene. Since then, most of my writing has been for newsletters, web sites, corporate research reports, etc., though I occasionally do an article for a magazine. In the not-formally-published-by-others category, I've written or compiled almost 300 online obituaries, about a hundred poems, and over 125 new articles in online encyclopedias. I maintain two large web sites, linked to below.

Career: I am retired from a career that included service as a Naval Officer, manager, sales executive, market researcher, and career advisor. In retirement I teach logic, mathematics, critical thinking, management and practical computer subjects at the college level. Most of my business career was spent in medically-related high-tech industries. I have been a founder of, or made key long-term leadership contributions to, seven non-trivial organizations, and I've participated in over 300 formal board meetings, presiding at about a third of them.

Web sites: In the remote chance that you are interested, these web sites will shed some light on who I am:

  • My personal web site – Infrequently updated, but it tells the story.
  • My user page in another online encyclopedia – A real "piece of work," packed with every interesting thing about me that I can think of. Updated whenever I think of something new. Just a little bit "tongue in cheek," but many find it very entertaining.
  • My magnum opus – A very large Navy ship reunion site, updated several times a month.

Online encyclopedia contributions: As User:Lou Sander, I have contributed something like 125 original articles to Wikipedia. As of April 22, 2007, I've brought them all over to CZ. Now I'm going to work on getting rid of red links. Here are my WP/CZ articles (asterisks indicate WP articles written by others and brought to CZ by me; double asterisks indicate original articles written by me for CZ; all others were written by me for WP):