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  • Angular momentum (classical) [r]: The tendency of a rotating object to resist changes to its rotational motion. [e]
  • Antisymmetrizer [r]: operator that projects onto an antisymmetric subspace of a tensor product space of identical linear spaces; [e]
  • Characteristic polynomial [r]: The polynomial attached to a square matrix or endomorphism det(A-XI)=0. [e]
  • Diagonal matrix [r]: A square matrix which has zero entries off the main diagonal. [e]
  • Dirac delta function [r]: Sharply peaked function, generalization of the Kronecker delta; a distribution that maps a regular function onto a single function value. [e]
  • Eigenvalue [r]: A vector v is an eigenvector of a matrix A if A v = λ v; the number λ is the eigenvalue of the matrix A belonging to the eigenvector v. [e]
  • GF method [r]: Method to compute the normal coordinates of a vibrating molecule. [e]
  • Identity (mathematics) [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Identity element [r]: An element whose behaviour with respect to a binary operation generalises that of zero for addition or one for multiplication. [e]
  • Identity function [r]: The function from a set to itself which maps each element to itself. [e]
  • Kronecker delta [r]: A quantity depending on two subscripts which is equal to one when they are equal and zero when they are unequal. [e]
  • Linear quadratic control [r]: Controller design for a deterministic linear plant based on the minimization of a quadratic cost functional. [e]
  • Matrix inverse [r]: The equivalent of the reciprocal defined for certain matrices. [e]
  • Matrix [r]: A mathematical construct generally represented as a rectangular array of elements. [e]
  • Molecular orbital theory [r]: Deals with definition and computation of molecular orbitals. [e]
  • Monoid [r]: An algebraic structure with an associative binary operation and an identity element. [e]
  • Pauli spin matrices [r]: Three anticommuting matrices, each having two rows and two columns, which represent the components of the electron spin operator. [e]
  • Reflection (geometry) [r]: In Euclidean geometry, a distance preserving transformation that reverses orientation [e]
  • Rotation matrix [r]: a 3×3 proper (unit determinant) orthogonal (orthonormal rows and columns) matrix [e]
  • Spherical harmonics [r]: A series of harmonic basis functions that can be used to describe the boundary of objects with spherical topology. [e]
  • Spherical polar coordinates [r]: Angular coordinates on a sphere: longitude angle φ, colatitude angle θ [e]
  • Vector field [r]: A vector function on the three-dimensional Euclidean space . [e]
  • Zero matrix [r]: A matrix consisting entirely of zero entries. [e]