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  • Aspartic acid [r]: One of the common amino acids incorporated into proteins. It is charged, polar, and hydrophilic. [e]
  • Atenolol [r]: A cardioselective adrenergic beta-antagonist medication for hypertension and angina pectoris. [e]
  • Cell (biology) [r]: The basic unit of life, consisting of biochemical networks enclosed by a membrane. [e]
  • Cell membrane [r]: The outer surface of a cell which encloses its contents. [e]
  • Detergent [r]: A surfactant which emulsifies chemicals; commonly used as laundry detergents, shampoos and degreasers. [e]
  • Evolution of cells [r]: The birth of cells marked the passage from pre-biotic chemistry to partitioned units resembling modern cells. [e]
  • Glutamic acid [r]: One of the 20 common amino acids and one of two acidic amino acids. [e]
  • Hydrophobic [r]: Chemical term for a substance that does not prefer a water environment and is thus not hydrophilic. [e]
  • Lipid [r]: Group of organic compounds, including the fats, oils, waxes, sterols, and triglycerides, that are insoluble in water but soluble in nonpolar organic solvents, and together with carbohydrates and proteins constitute the principal structural material of living cells. [e]
  • Macromolecular chemistry [r]: The study of the physical, biological and chemical structure, properties, composition, and reaction mechanisms of macromolecules. [e]
  • Phospholipase [r]: Enzyme of four major classes, that hydrolyzes phospholipids into fatty acids and other lipophilic substances. [e]
  • Protein structure [r]: The structure of a protein, consisting of primary, secondary and tertiary structures. [e]
  • Threonine [r]: One of three hydroxylated amino acids in proteins; it may be phosphorylated [e]