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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Virtual private network.
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Parent topics


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Implementation models


  • Intranet [r]: A set of networked computers, under one administration, which can only communicate with one another. [e]


  • FreeSWAN [r]: A Linux implementation of the IPsec protocols, intended to make wholesale monitoring of the Internet impossible. [e]
  • IPsec [r]: Internet Protocl security is a set of protocols for providing encryption and/or authentication services for Internet packets. [e]

Operational VPNs

Other related topics

  • Cloud computing [r]: Use of computer networks, especially the Internet, to access computer resources, operated by a third party; access is on-demand and dynamically assigned — cloud computing differs from managed hosting with resources dedicated to users [e]

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  • Application Service Provider [r]: An organization that offers host computers, leased or user-owned, with a high-availability infrastructure and the ability to support actual applications rather than connectivity to them. [e]
  • Asynchronous Transfer Mode [r]: A technology for the transfer of fixed-length "cells" of digital information through specialized cell switches built on top of optical transmission networks; increasingly obsolescent [e]
  • BGP community [r]: One or more 16- or 32-bit fields that accompany an address advertised by the Border Gateway Protocol, describing some administrative aspect of the address, such as membership in a group of routes or instructions on how widely the recipient should readvertise it [e]
  • Bandwidth [r]: In engineering, the length between two cut-off frequencies, as measured in hertz. [e]
  • Border Gateway Protocol [r]: In a set of interconnected networks, the means by which different autonomous systems advertise the destinations to which they offer connectivity [e]