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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Cloud computing.
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Parent topics

  • Internet [r]: International "network of networks" that connects computers together through the Internet Protocol Suite and supports applications like Email and the World Wide Web. [e]
  • Distributed computing [r]: A strategy for improving the speed of highly parallelizable tasks by distributing pieces of the problem across many computers that together form a distributed computing system, e.g. BOINC, SETI@home. [e]
  • Virtualization [r]: In computing, a broad term that usually refers to the abstraction of resources on a computer, using a container such as a "virtual machine" or several "virtual machines." Usually this is accomplished using either a virtual machine or an operating system that has tools to enable virtual environments to run inside it. [e]
  • Capital expense [r]: (CAPEX) The "startup" costs of a project, as distinct from the recurring cost of operations [e]
  • Operating expense [r]: (OPEX) After capital expense has been paid, the continuing cost of a project, often stated in monthly terms [e]



Implementation technologies


Trust and security

Other related topics

  • Netbook [r]: Class of small laptop computers. [e]
  • Virtual private network [r]: The emulation of a private Wide Area Network (WAN) facility using IP facilities, including the public Internet or private IP backbones. [e]