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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Internet.
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  • World Wide Web [r]: A global collection of information presented in the form of documents hosted on networked computers and available to the public. [e]
  • Email system [r]: General overview of how the Internet electronic mail system works. [e]
  • Domain Name System [r]: The Internet service which translates to and from IP addresses and domain names. [e]
  • Internet Protocol [r]: Highly resilient protocol for messages sent across the internet, first by being broken into smaller packets (each with the endpoint address attached), then moving among many mid-points by unpredictable routes, and finally being reassembled into the original message at the endpoint. IP version 4 (IPv4) is from 1980 but lacked enough addresses for the entire world and was superseded by IP version 6 (IPv6) in 1998. [e]
  • Internet Protocol Suite [r]: The real-world set of networking protocols, with administrative and operational conventions, which populate the real-world working Internet [e]
  • Internet Protocol version 4 [r]: The main internetwork (also called hop-by-hop or network layer) protocol of the existing Internet and products compatible with the Internet Protocol Suite, to be replaced by Internet Protocol version 6 [e]
  • Internet Protocol version 6 [r]: The next-generation Internet Protocol, providing (among other benefits) a vastly increased address space (128bits), which should in turn provide the ability for an end-to-end Internet and allowing new models of communication to be developed. [e]
  • Gopher [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Transmission Control Protocol [r]: (TCP) A protocol that reliably delivers bytes across an internet. As long as the connection is up, bytes will be delivered without bit errors and in the order they were sent. It does not guarantee latency. [e]
  • User Datagram Protocol [r]: The simplest, lowest-overhead end-to-end protocol in the Internet Protocol Suite [e]
  • Usenet [r]: Distributed online discussion system. [e]
  • Wiki [r]: A website that allows anyone (with registration required or not) to edit any page and to add new pages. [e]

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