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User talk:Diego Alonso

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Welcome to Citizendium as a new author! We're very glad you've joined us. We hope you will contribute boldly and well. Here are pointers for a quick start. You'll probably also want to know how to get started as an author. Just look at Getting Started for other helpful "startup" pages, and at CZ:Home for a complete listing of help and other community pages. If you wish, just ask me to create a "personal sandbox" for you where you can test out editing and writing articles. If you need help to get going, it is a good idea to join our discussion forums. That's where we discuss policy, proposals or technical problems. You can ask any constable for help, too. Just put a note on their "talk" page. Again, welcome and thank you! We appreciate your willingness to share your expertise, and we hope to see you begin actively editing and contributing to Citizendium. Milton Beychok 19:50, 18 March 2011 (UTC)

sandbox shouldn't be where you put it

Hi Diego,

I'm not a Sandbox expert, but I know that it shouldn't be where you just put it.

I *think* that what you want to do is to create a new article called User:Diego Alonso/Sandbox -- that ought to make a sandbox for you. Milt Beychok or almost anyone else can help you with this if necessary.... Hayford Peirce 19:34, 23 March 2011 (UTC)

About CZ:Upload/Sandbox

Hi, Diego:

First let me congratulate you on having starting an article about biomass (uses, gasification and etc.) so soon after joining us. Keep up the good work!

However, CZ:Upload is only for use in uploading images (photos, diagrams, drawings, etc.) ... it is not intended for use in uploading a new article. New articles are created in the article namespace by clicking on the "Start Article" link which is in the left-hand navigation column of each Citizendium page.

Articles in Citizendium are part of a "cluster" that includes the main article and these subpages:

  • Talk subpage for discussion of the article, as may be needed
  • Definition subpage which is a one sentence definition of the article's subject
  • Related Articles subpage which include blue wiki links to existing Citizendium article and red wiki links to articles which are not yet written but which need to be written
  • Bibliography subpage which is a list of books and/or journal articles related to the article (and which have not been used as specific references in the main article itself)
  • External Links subpage which is a list of hyperlinks to sources on the Internet related to the article (and which have not been used as specific references in the main article itself)

Most importantly, the article "cluster" includes a Metadata template page as well that must be filled out.

I took your article at CZ:Upload/Sandbox and transformed it into a main article and its subpages as well as its Metadata template page. It is now available as Biomass which I think is a more fitting and more encompassing title for the article's actual content than was "Uses of Biomass". I strongly suggest that you study the edit pages of the Biomass article and all of its subpages as well as the Metadata page so that you can learn how a new article is created.

You are, of course, free to edit/revise the Biomass article if you think changes are needed. In fact, any author in Citizendium is free to edit and or revise it.

I also did some editing of the article. It still needs quite a bit more editing ... and I will discuss what is needed on the article's Talk page as soon as I can. I am quite busy but I will try to provide that discussion within the next few days ... please be patient with me.

If you ever need similar help in creating another article, please contact either Howard Berkowitz or me. We are the two active Engineering Editors at the moment. If we are unavailable, then contact Matt Innis for assistance in locating someone to help you.

If your primary goal with this article was simply to satisfy some English writing course requirement, then much of what I have written above is not really relevant. Your draft version that is now in your sandbox is what you should use to satisfy the requirement of your writing course. - Milton Beychok 14:45, 26 March 2011 (UTC)