United States Seventh Fleet

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A United States Navy combat fleet, usually deployed in the Western Pacific. Its flagship is the USS Blue Ridge. The Fleet is a major naval component of United States Pacific Command.


The fleet has always been associated with the Western Pacific. After WWII, it became the primary forward-deployed U.S. naval force in the Western Pacific, reporting to the U.S. Pacific command. It was the nucleus of U.S. naval forces, at sea, in the Korean War and Vietnam War.

Second World War

In the Second World War, this was the main Western Pacific naval formation, under Douglas MacArthur's command in the Southwest Pacific Area rather than the Pacific Ocean and Pacific Ocean Areas under Chester Nimitz.

Admiral Thomas Kinkaid was its primary commander.

Korean War

It provided naval gunfire and close air support during the Korean War, as well as amphibious lift for operations such as the Battle of Inchon.

Vietnam War

Task Force 77, at the time, was the headquarters for aircraft carriers operating in Operation ROLLING THUNDER against North Vietnam. It operated in the South China Sea, in varying locations generically called YANKEE Station.

Current Organization

It is organized into multiple task forces.

Task Force 70, Battle Force

This is the main carrier strike group, currently commanded by RADM Richard B. Wren, who flies his flag on the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk.

Task Force 71, Special Warfare

Based on Guam, this is the headquarters for the U.S. Navy SEAL and other special operations units. It is commanded by CAPT Stephen Grzeszczak.

Task Force 72, Patrol Reconnaissance

Primarily an maritime patrol aircraft unit flying P-3 Orion, the unit, headquartered at Misawa, Japan, may also control C3I-ISR aircraft. CTF 72 is RADM James C. Grunewald.

Task Force 73, Logistics

Based in Singapore, TF 73 is under the command of RADM Nora W. Tyson.

Task Force 74, Submarine

Headquartered in Yokosuka, Japan, CTF 74 controls independent submarine operations. It is under RADM Michael J. Connor. Submarines may also be part of Task Force 70, providing antisubmarine protection for the carrier.

Task Force 76 and 79

There is no coincidence that the amphibious warfare ships of Task Force 76, under RADM Richard B. Landolt, are based on Okinawa. While the Third Marine Expeditionary Force ad First Marine Expeditionary Brigade report to United States Pacific Command, they are based on the same island. Task Force 79 is the Landing Force of a Marine Expeditionary Brigade under Brig. Gen. Ronald L. Bailey