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Technical intelligence/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Technical intelligence.
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  • CH-54 [r]: A Vietnam War-era heavy cargo helicopter that had no passenger cabin, in the interest of giving it more capability to carry externally slung loads [e]
  • Clandestine human-source intelligence recruiting [r]: The recruiting of human assets who do not work for a foreign intelligence service, as part of human-source intelligence. [e]
  • Defense Intelligence Agency [r]: One of the members of the United States intelligence community, charged with providing national-level analysis specifically relevant for military needs, and being the focal point for measurement and signature intelligence [e]
  • Electro-optical MASINT [r]: A subdiscipline of measurement and signature intelligence (MASINT), which has similarities to but complements imagery intelligence (IMINT); it does not form images, but validates them and produces information on phenomena that emit, absorb, or reflect electromagnetic energy in the infrared, visible light, or ultraviolet spectra, where the value is knowledge of the type of energy detected [e]
  • Electronic intelligence [r]: Collection and analysis of electronic signals not intended to be intelligible to humans, such as radar or navigational aids [e]
  • Explosive ordnance disposal [r]: The techniques of identifying hazardous explosive devices, including unexploded ordnance (UXO) and improvised explosive devices (IED), determining if they can be rendered safe, and either attempting to render them safe or, after suitable precautions, destroying them in place [e]
  • Human-source intelligence [r]: (HUMINT); the practice of acquiring information through interactions with people who can disclose relevant information, including but not limited to espionage, interrogation, debriefing and elicitation [e]
  • Intelligence (disambiguation) [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Intelligence (information gathering) [r]: The practice of finding information on opponents, or potential opponents. [e]
  • Intelligence collection management [r]: Assigning questions to various collection techniques, reflecting the techniques available and the priority of the information need. Includes the process of categorizing information learned for subsequent analysis, and assigning probabilities of accuracy to the raw information [e]
  • Intelligence cycle management [r]: The continuous process by which intelligence priorities are set, raw information collected, information analyzed, the processed information disseminated, and the next set or priorities set. [e]
  • Interrogation [r]: A systematic process of direct questioning, of a person in detention or otherwise under the control of the interrogator, to obtain reliable information to satisfy criminal investigation or human-source intelligence requirements, within the scope of relevant law and policy [e]
  • Materials MASINT [r]: A discipline involving the measurement of signatures from the collection, processing, and analysis of gas, liquid, or solid samples; it complements technical intelligence: a technical intelligence analyst would work with a captured example of the weapon, or at least pieces of it, to come to that understanding of the propellant, while an analyst of this technique would infer the propellant through analysis of the exhaust [e]
  • Measurement and signature intelligence [r]: A variety of intelligence gathering disciplines complementary to the technical "mainstream" of imagery intelligence and signals intelligence. [e]
  • Medical intelligence [r]: Techniques involved in determining the public health of a country, so the physical characteristics of leaders and workers are understood, as well as local hazards to foreigners entering the country or regions of it [e]
  • Raid [r]: A military attack of limited duration, assuming tactical surprise, which does not attempt to hold the land of the target. It destroys capabilities, obtains intelligence, or may be intended for psychological attack. [e]
  • Reginald Victor Jones [r]: The first qualified scientist in the U.K. Secret Intelligence Service, he both pioneered intelligence doctrine, and played a vital Second World War in countering German attacks [e]
  • Scientific and technical intelligence [r]: In contrast to TECHINT, which is directed to specific materiel, working at a strategic/national level to study foreign materiel, professional publications and presentations, etc., to determine the level of research & development in a country, the manufacturing processes it can use, its priorities for research, etc. [e]
  • Warhead [r]: That part of a military weapon, which actively moves to strike a target, that causes the desired destructive effect on the target [e]