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T-54 tank/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about T-54 tank.
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  • An Loc [r]: A village 65 miles north of Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City, which saw considerable combat during the Vietnam War, and, after American ground troops withdrew, was the place where the last U.S. adviser was killed in Vietnam [e]
  • Armor (vehicle protective) [r]: A covering over vulnerable parts of a vehicle, to resist harmful effects; the protection can combine specific materials with particular geometric configurations of those materials [e]
  • Korean War [r]: A modern conflict (1950-1953) fought on the Korean peninsula between the US-led UN forces, and the Communist coalition of North Korea and China. [e]
  • M2 Bradley (armored fighting vehicle) [r]: A family of armored fighting vehicles, with roles including infantry fighting vehicle, scouting, forward observer, and other functions in a platform sufficiently survivable to accompany the M1 Abrams tank, although needing more protection [e]
  • T-34 (tank) [r]: Generally considered to be the best overall tank of the Second World War, this medium tank went into production in 1940 until replaced by the T-54 in 1949 [e]
  • Tank (military) [r]: A large land combat vehicle that moves on continuous tracks rather than wheels, has its primary armament in a rotating armored turret, is armored against more than small arms fire, and, while it can be extremely effective in many combat situations, is optimized to kill other tanks [e]
  • Wars of Vietnam [r]: The broad context of warfare in the modern area of Vietnam, of which the Vietnam War (1962-1975) is best known, but involves colonization, Japanese occupation, decolonization, and post-1975 but related warfare among Vietnam, Cambodia and China [e]