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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about South Korea.
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Parent topics

  • East Asia [r]: Region comprising China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea and Taiwan; also defined in cultural terms, with these nations historically or at present sharing writing systems, philosophical modes of thought, and other relationships (population about 1,600,000,000). [e]
  • Korea [r]: Historical country and peninsula of northeastern Asia, comprising the states of North Korea and South Korea. [e]
  • Koreans [r]: Add brief definition or description


Other related topics

  • Korean War of 1592-1598 [r]: Fought on the Korean peninsula from 1592 to 1598 between Japan and the Chinese tributary alliance (Korea, China, Ryukyus, Java, etc.), and resulted in Japanese retreat. [e]
  • Yi Sunshin [r]: A Korean admiral renowned for his naval victories against the Japanese invaders during the Korean War of 1592-1598. [e]
  • North Korea [r]: State comprising the northern Korean peninsula; officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea with Pyongyang its capital. [e]
  • Korean War [r]: (1950-1953) war on the Korean peninsula in which about 3 million people died (mostly civilians), begun when North Korea, backed by China, attempted to overrun South Korea, which had been placed under the control of U.S.-led United Nations forces after the surrender of Japan at the end of WW II. [e]