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Samsung Group
Samsung Logo.png
Ownership type Private
Founded 1938, by Lee Byung-chul
Headquarters Seoul , South Korea
Industry Advertising, construction, entertainment, financial services, hospitality, information and communications technology, medical and health care services, retail, shipbuilding, semiconductor foundry
Product/Service DRAM, NAND flash memory, SSD, televisions, refrigerators, cell phones, smartphones

The Samsung Group is a conglomerate (Chaebol) from South Korea.[1] In 2018, the Samsung Group employed around 310,000 people.[2] The group's flagship is Samsung Electronics, the world's largest manufacturer for DRAM, NAND flash memory, SSD, televisions, refrigerators, cell phones and smartphones.[1] The name Samsung means 'three stars' in Korean. The number three is associated with positive things by many Koreans. Lee Byung-chul, the founder of the company, who was strongly influenced by the Japanese economy and society, chose this name in the 1930s. He hoped that the company would shine as brightly, tall and eternally as the Japanese companies Mitsubishi (‘three diamonds’) and Mitsui Group (‘three sources’) that were already powerful at the time.


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