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Parent topics

  • Politics [r]: Activity that relates to the way in which society is governed, and the process by which human beings living in communities make decisions and establish obligatory values for its members. [e]
  • Party system [r]: The set of political parties, voter alignments, and electoral conventions that for a time dominate a country's electoral process [e]


  • Bipartisan [r]: In a system with two political parties, a group that tries for balance by having equal representation from both parties; the party identification, however, remains strong; may be extended to multiparty systems but still involves specific party representation and positions [e]
  • Nonpartisan [r]: In jurisdictions that have a political party system, an organization, which can be public, private, or quasi-governmental, in which party membership is not a membership criterion and the group avoids adopting the specific position of any party [e]

Party processes

  • Partisan realignment [r]: Shift in a political system's configuration of voters' partisan identifications and political parties' vote shares. [e]

Specific parties

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