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P-3 Orion/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about P-3 Orion.
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Parent topics

  • Naval warfare [r]: The military history of the organized navies of the world from 300 BCE to the present. [e]
  • Anti-surface warfare [r]: (ASuW) In the context of naval warfare, the mission of attacking surface vessels, from small boats to supertankers and aircraft carriers, from platforms under naval command and control [e]
  • Anti-submarine warfare [r]: (ASW) In the context of naval warfare, the mission of attacking underwater vessels, from platforms under naval command and control. [e]
  • C3I-ISR [r]: Command, control, communications and intelligence, combined with intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance [e]
  • Littoral warfare [r]: Air, sea, subsurface, and land warfare that takes place in waters near a coast, or on coastal land areas. [e]






Network-centric warfare


  • AN/AAR-47 [r]: A threat detector for aircraft; all versions detect the heat of oncoming missiles; modified versions also detect laser designator beams [e]
  • AN/ALE-47 [r]: An intelligent countermeasures dispenser for military aircraft, which can receive commands directly from warning receivers, and dispense expendable radar and infrared decoys, as well as manage a retrievable decoy towed via an fiber optic cable [e]

Anti-surface warfare

Electronic warfare and electronic intelligence

Antisubmarine warfare


Notable crew

Other related topics