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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Mind-body therapies.
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Parent topics


  • Art therapy [r]: The medical use of visual or tactile art, used in conjunction with psychotherapy to help express events that may be difficult to articulate, and with rehabilitative medicine to improve coordination and, when approriate, assist a client with artistic training to adapt techniques to physical limitations [e]
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy [r]: A psychotherapeutic technique based on assisting the patient to learn the interpretation of (cognitive structure of experiences that trigger behavior, and, if that behavior is maladaptive, to change the response to the experience [e]
  • Dance therapy [r]: The use of dance and other movement techniques to improve health, dealing with emotional or neurologic problems [e]
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques [r]: A psychotherapeutic tool developed by Gary Craig, aimed at solving emotional, health and performance issues. [e]
  • Eye Motion Desensitization Reprocessing [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Hypnosis [r]: A presumed altered state of consciousness in which the hypnotized individual is usually more susceptible to suggestion than in his or her normal state. [e]
  • Music therapy [r]: The planned and creative use of music to attain and maintain health and well being. [e]
  • Relaxation techniques (complementary medicine) [r]: Methods, using the mind, body or both, to reduce physiological or psychological stress [e]
  • Spiritual therapies [r]: Mystical, religious or spiritual practices performed for health benefit. [e]
  • Yoga [r]: An entire (Indian) philosophy of being, with the goal of achieving peace of mind and of body, which also includes a set of exercises and breathing techniques to induce relaxation. [e]

Other related topics

  • Anthroposophy [r]: A holistic extension to conventional medicine, emphasizing the spiritual, and using art and movement, as well as herbal remedies, especially mistletoe [e]
  • Energy medicine [r]: Techniques in complementary and alternative medicine that involve either the unconventional use of electromagnetic fields, or of biological energies not detectable by conventional instrumentations, to maintain or improve health [e]
  • Therapeutic touch [r]: A form of energy healing, performed by a therapist positioning hands over the patient's body, and sensing and adjusting energy fields [e]