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M113 armored personnel carrier/Related Articles

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about M113 armored personnel carrier.
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Parent topics

  • Armored fighting vehicle [r]: A military vehicle that is both protected against blast and fragments, and either has offensive weapons or directly supports combat by vehicles with offensive weapons [e]
    • Armored personnel carrier [r]: A lightly armed and armored, wheeled or tracked, military vehicle that protects passengers from light weapons and artillery fragments, and delivers them to the battlefield where they fight on foot [e]


Core versions

  • M113A1 [r]: 1964 modification of the basic M113 armored personnel carrier, replacing the gasoline engine with a safer and more powerful diesel engine [e]
  • M113A2 [r]: 1979 set of cooling and suspension improvements to the M113 armored personnel carrier, and the advent of derivatives based either on an armored (e.g., (M125A1 mortar carrier and M741 "Vulcan" air defense vehicle) or unarmored (e.g., M548 cargo carrier and M667 MGM-52 Lance missile carrier, and M730 Chaparral missile carrier) M113 chassis [e]
  • M113A3 [r]: Targeted for 2006, a family of Reliability Improvements for Selected Equipment (RISE) enhancements to the M113 armored personnel carrier family of vehicles, upgrading the engine and transmission, steering and brakes, fuel tanks, electrical power, and improved protection including spall liners and provisions for mounting external armor [e]


Vietnam War

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