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M901A3 improved TOW vehicle

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The U.S Army M901A3 improved TOW vehicle is a lightly armored combat vehicle for firing BGM-71 TOW heavy antitank missiles. The vehicle is a derivative of the M113 armored personnel carrier, and has a launcher holding four missiles. Reloads are carried.

Especially in scout and mechanized infantry units, the mobile TOW is important since it can defeat any known tank, at ranges beyond that of tank main guns. In a combat scenario, therefore, the scout vehicles (e.g., M2 or M3 armored vehicles with single-tube TOW launchers), accompanied by M901s, will kill the most dangerous enemy armored vehicles, such as those used for air defense and for commanders.

If antitank helicopters or aircraft are available, they can attack after suppression of enemy air defense. Next, 120mm cannon on U.S. M1 Abrams tanks can engage the survivors.