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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Littoral (military).
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Parent topics

  • Amphibious warfare [r]: The set of techniques, equipment, specialized units, and methods of training needed to move troops across water, and deliver them to land, ready for immediate combat. [e]
  • Navy [r]: A military force organized primarily for missions on, under, or above bodies of water [e]


  • Beach Jumpers [r]: U.S. Navy special warfare units, specializing in deception and psychological warfare. [e]
  • Landing craft [r]: A boat or other self-propelled watercraft, carried aboard a ship, intended for amphibious warfare or similar operations where landings at a prepared seaport are not practical. Such a craft may discharge troops or equipment on the beach, or may be capable of independent movement on land. [e]
  • Littoral warfare [r]: Air, sea, subsurface, and land warfare that takes place in waters near a coast, or on coastal land areas. [e]

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