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Infrared guidance/Related Articles

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Infrared guidanceMissile or other guidance that locks onto an infrared energy source, and adjusts its flight controls to keep the source in the center of its course [e]

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Parent topics

  • Guided missile [r]: A weapon that flies through air or space, under its own power, which adjusts its course to hit its target. [e]
  • Infrared light [r]: In physics and engineering, a non-visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum ranging from wavelengths of 750 nm to 1 mm, between the darkest visible red and the shortest submillimeter wave radar [e]
  • Infrared viewing [r]: Range of technologies that do remote sensing in the infrared spectra, including both active illumination and passive reception, and both imaging and non-imaging (i.e., spectrometric) data reduction [e]


Other related topics

  • Night vision devices [r]: Devices that amplify very low levels of visible or infrared light, such as starlight, allowing people to see in apparent darkness. They do not work when no light is present, as do forward-looking infrared systems [e]
  • Stealth [r]: The popular term for a collection of techniques that make a military vehicle (air, space, land, sea, or undersea) hard to detect and harder to direct weapons against [e]