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  • Aromatase [r]: An enzyme which oxidizes two positions of steroids, converting testosterones into estrogens. [e]
  • Bile [r]: Bile acids, bile salts, cholesterol and electrolytes produced in the liver and secreted into the duodenum via the common bile duct. [e]
  • Bilirubin [r]: A bile pigment that is a degradation product of heme. Elevated bilirubin levels suggest liver disease. [e]
  • Child-Pugh Score [r]: Tool that correlates closely to morbidity and mortality in patients with liver disease. [e]
  • Hemeprotein [r]: Conjugated metalloprotein containing a metal-porphyrin compound as the prosthetic group. [e]
  • Porphyria [r]: A diverse group of metabolic diseases characterized by errors in the biosynthetic pathway of heme in the liver, the bone marrow, or both. [e]
  • Porphyrin [r]: Class of cyclic compounds in which the parent macrocycle consists of four pyrrole-type units interconnected at their α carbon atoms via a methine bridge, and functioning as a metal-binding cofactor in haemoglobin, chlorophyll, and certain enzymes. [e]
  • Red blood cells [r]: Also called erythrocytes; a type of disc-shaped blood cell that contain hemoglobin, and the body's principal means of delivering oxygen to the body's cells via the blood, and the removal of carbon dioxide wastes that result from metabolism. [e]