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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Eugenics.
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  • Action T4 [r]: Secret program in Nazi Germany in which Adolf Hitler's regime killed up to 250,000 people with disabilities. [e]
  • African American [r]: The generally-accepted term for United States citizens with black African ancestry. [e]
  • Brave New World [r]: Dystopic novel written by British author Aldous Huxley in 1931 describing a totalitarian society based on eugenics. [e]
  • California [r]: A state of the United States located on the west coast of the North American continent. [e]
  • Charles Darwin [r]: (1809 – 1882) English natural scientist, most famous for proposing the theory of natural selection. [e]
  • Epsilon (Greek letter) [r]: The 5th letter of the Greek alphabet, written as (upper-case) and (lower-case). [e]
  • Eugenics and sterilization [r]: Population control method in which "undesirable" people were sterilized to improve quality of the genetic pool. [e]
  • Evolution [r]: A change over time in the proportions of individual organisms differing genetically. [e]
  • Genetic counseling [r]: Testing of couples who are planning to be parents in which their genomes are evaluated regarding the likelihood of them having children with genetic diseases or defects. [e]
  • Genetic counsellor [r]: Health science professional who facilitates the exchange of information regarding a person's genetic legacy. [e]
  • Genetics [r]: The study of the inheritance of characteristics, genes and DNA. [e]
  • Indiana [r]: A state in the Midwestern region of the United States of America [e]
  • Licensing parents [r]: An idea for controlling the quality or quantity of a population. [e]
  • Margaret Sanger [r]: (14 September 1879 - 6 September 1966) American public health nurse who co-founded of what became Planned Parenthood Federation of America. [e]
  • Medical ethics [r]: The study of moral values as they apply to medicine. [e]
  • Pantheism [r]: A religious and philosophical doctrine that everything is of an all-encompassing immanent abstract God; or that the universe, or nature, and God are equivalent. [e]
  • Race (biology) [r]: Inbreeding group marked by a pre-determined profile of latent factors of hereditary traits. [e]
  • Racism [r]: Belief in the difference, and often superiority, of one racial group over other racial groups. [e]
  • Rottweiler [r]: A large breed of dog known for its great physical strength and strong protective instinct. [e]
  • Social Darwinism [r]: Efforts to draw political conclusions from the theory of evolution by natural selection. [e]
  • Supreme Court of the United States [r]: The final federal court of appeals in the U.S., consisting of nine Justices. [e]
  • Virginia [r]: A state in the southeastern United States. [e]