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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Genetic counseling.
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  • Birth control [r]: Methods of fertility control, including contraception, that are intended to prevent pregnancy, and means of interrupting early pregnancy. [e]
  • Eugenics [r]: The general name for a series of ostensibly scientific claims about inheritance among humans, which sought to eliminate traits, such as "imbecility" or criminal behavior, by selective sterilization, regulation of family size, and restrictions on who could marry whom. [e]
  • Genetic counsellor [r]: Health science professional who facilitates the exchange of information regarding a person's genetic legacy. [e]
  • Genetics [r]: The study of the inheritance of characteristics, genes and DNA. [e]
  • Licensing parents [r]: An idea for controlling the quality or quantity of a population. [e]
  • Lissencephaly [r]: Condition in which the brain surface is smooth, as opposed to gyrified. Normal in many mammals and transient in human fetal development but a disorder in humans born with it. [e]
  • Metabolic diseases (human) [r]: Defective in enzymes important in metabolic pathways. The chemical substrate of the missing or defective enzyme builds up and is excreted out of the body into the urine. [e]
  • Physician [r]: A health science professional fully licensed to practice medicine and surgery. [e]
  • Thalassemia [r]: A group of hereditary hemolytic anemias in which there is decreased synthesis of one or more hemoglobin polypeptide chains (National Library of Medicine). [e]