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CZ:Mathematics Workgroup/List of mathematical topics

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If you are looking for suggestions of articles to write, below you'll find some lists of mathematical topics from Wikipedia. This does not imply any particular priority. These lists are meant to be neither very systematic nor exhaustive. It is possible, however, that the articles listed below would be of some interest for potential readers.

Calculus topics

Before calculus (precalculus)


Differential calculus

Integral calculus

Special functions and numbers

Numerical integration

See also list of numerical analysis topics

Lists and tables




Nonstandard calculus

For further developments: see list of real analysis topics, list of complex analysis topics, list of multivariable calculus topics.

Geometry topics

Euclidean geometry, foundations

Euclidean plane geometry

3-dimensional Euclidean geometry (solid geometry)

n-dimensional Euclidean geometry

Non-Euclidean geometry

Numerical geometry

Geometric algorithms

Mathematical morphology



Lie group topics


See Table of Lie groups for a list

Lie algebras

Foundational results

Semisimple theory

Representation theory

See also: List of harmonic analysis and representation theory topics


Physical theories


Discrete groups

Algebraic groups

Special function

Automorphic forms