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CZ:Group Status/11

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Citizendium Status - All Citizens
Users 1-10 • 11-20 • 21-30 • 31-40
Name Short term plan Longer-term plan Roles in the system
11. Bryan Eskew
[edit all]
(1) Work on Pharmacy and Pharmacist articles (1) Start a system of Pharmacy pages, including subspecialities, etc.
12. Stephen Ewen
[edit all]
(1) Work on doing some draft re-writes of policies for user-friendliness. (1) Create Public Domain Wizard part of the CZ:Upload-Wizard using Fishman's The Public Domain (and a few other works for the few areas where Fishman is unclear) as the research base (2) Focus group work (1) Constable, and Assistant to the Chief Constable when I need to be (2) Media Assets lead, informally (3) Various advisory/focus groups (4) Author (5) I consider my main role as that of helping CZ become successful at this foundational stage of its development
13. Pierre-Alain Gouanvic
[edit all]
(1) follow my intuitions (1) etiology and pathophysiology for major diseases; findings, hypotheses (2) self-medication, self-prescription, patient autonomy, expert patient, right to health, deficiency diseases, hidden curriculum, medico-industrial complex, neutrality, etc. (3) bring new insights on all important controversies : mirror neurons, vitamin C, harm reduction, ethics, activism, etc. (4) promote the development of controversial articles to show CZ is THE place to consult (5)  My 3 proposals to achieve CZ goals (1) author
14. Derek Harkness
[edit all]
(1) Write some articles for a change (2) Now that the skin is finished (3) Start compiling China relate info into draft articles in time for the Olympics. (1) Make the subpages template go automaticaly on new pages. (2) Redo popups so they work properly. (3) Code a citation adding script. (1) Author (2) Instigator of the Geogra-thon (3) Designer of the new skin
15. Derek Hodges
[edit all]
(1) Dr. Johnson (2) work through notes on John W. Campbell and Isaac Asimov (3) continue with definitions (1) work on anglicanism (2) and cycling (1) author
16. D. Matt Innis
[edit all]
(1) Assistant Chief Constable (2) Healing Arts Editor
17. Carl Jantzen
[edit all]
(1) get space debris approved
18. Minhaj Ahmed Khan Lodi
[edit all]
(1) Study from my annual exams (beginning on March 24th!) (2) Create more Zoroastrian articles. (3) Edit my stubs. (1) Write about Nero (2) Write about the Republic of China (Taiwan) (3) Write about Bactria (4) Contribute to South Korea (5) Contribute more to religion based articles. (1) Nothing in particular, contributing whatever I can.
19. Mark Jones
[edit all]
(1) Still not planning to any major work due to time limits but I am always watching several articles and following general CZ discussions via email lists and forums. Will contribute here and there when I feel I have something to offer. (1) Start more new, and develop, existing articles in the Computers Workgroup. (2) Continue to watch and improve various articles. (1) Computers author (2) Religion author
20. Marnen E. Laibow-Koser
[edit all]
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