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User:Minhaj Ahmed Khan Lodi

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Hourglass drawing.svg Where Minhaj lives it is approximately: 09:28

I am 18 years old, and studying B.A. (Political science, Mass communication, Communicative English - General English, Remedial Grammar, Phonetics, French) at St Mary's college, Hyderabad, India. I had done my primary schooling at Bishop Cotton's Boys School, Bangalore, famed to be the "Eton of the East".

I am autistic, born with Asperger syndrome, and show a lot of interest in politics, history, linguistics, religion, and related topics. Although my native language is Urdu, I was bought up in an anglophone family, and thus have a fluent command of the English language. My dialect in speech is South-Asian English, and my spellings are primarily UK English.