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CZ:Core Articles/Miscellaneous

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Core Home
Natural Sciences
Social Sciences
Applied Arts and Sciences

Articles that we'll definitely want, but which aren't obviously located in any of the above workgroups.

Country profiles - in Geography, no?. I'd say yes.

Regarding countries, please see the talk page.

Somewhere, we need a list of all countries, showing which have been started, which are missing. It could go into Geography or here, but it must go somewhere! --Martin Baldwin-Edwards 12:06, 17 October 2007 (CDT)

1. Globalisation

  • should be politics, sociology, and economics
  • must be interdisciplinary to avoid narrow bias

2. Development

  • of what? of a country, then economics and geography [development studies are usually in economics]
  • must be interdisciplinary to avoid narrow bias; geographers don't usually deal with it

3. Petroleum or rather Fossil fuels

  • what angle? if substance, then chemistry and geology; can also be economics and politics
  • all angles - must be interdisciplinary for a general article
  • may be split into:
  1. Petroleum economics
  2. Oil (geology)
  3. Coal (Done already, in Earth Sciences...)
  4. Natural gas

last three are already listed under Earth Sciences

4. Ideology

  • sociology, politics and philosophy
  • a real toss-up!

5. Poverty

  • sociology or economics
  • I'd choose sociology if I had to [economic sociology]

6. Death and Dying

  • interdisciplinary but probably best belongs in biology; could also be in sociology
  • death - religion would seem to lay equal claim as biology; dying - about as interdisciplinary as something can get

7. Social Work

  • needs a Social and Public Policy Workgroup [usually located in Social Policy]

8. Women's studies or Gender studies

  • mostly sociology, but can encompass many others

9. Dance - and this doesn't belong way down at no. 9 on the list

  1. Ballet
  2. Modern dance
  3. Tap dance
  4. Martha Graham
  5. Maria Tallchief
  6. Alvin Ailey
  7. Ballroom Dancing
  8. Vernon and Irene Castle
  9. Ginger Rodgers
  10. Fred Astaire
  11. Gene Kelly
  12. Gregory Hines
  13. Dance Theatre of Harlem
  14. Kirov Ballet
  15. Rudolf Nureyev
  16. Katherine Dunham
  17. Folk dance
  18. African dance
  19. Indian dance
  20. History of dance
  21. Nicholas Brothers
  22. Sammy Davis, Jr.
  23. Savion Glover
  24. Cyd Charisse
  25. Margot Fonteyn
  26. Natalia Markarova
  27. Anna Pavlova
  28. Arthur Murray
  29. breakdancing
  30. Irish dance

10. Circus

  1. P.T. Barnum - [history]-- what? You're gonna put Barnum in history? What will Richard say?
  2. Fair
  3. side show
  4. freak show (in modern terms it certainly does not mean "side show")

11. Communications (in this sense)

12. Clothing

  1. socks
  2. shirt
  3. t-shirt
  4. polo shirt
  5. vest
  6. cardigan
  7. wristwatch
  8. shoes
  9. necktie
  10. bowtie
  11. pants
  12. underwear
  13. glasses
  14. tie clip
  15. cufflinks
  16. hat
  17. capris
  18. sandals
  19. belt
  20. dress
  21. skirt
  22. tie-dye
  23. brooch
  24. pin
  25. bracelet
  26. gloves
  27. scarf
  28. jacket or coat
  29. boots
  30. white tie
  31. black tie
  32. kimono
  33. wrapper
  34. dressing gown
  35. Nehru jacket
  36. Dashiki

13. Fashion (Note: I just came upon this, and I don't believe we should be listing them *all*--I think we should be picking the ones from that list who are "historically significant", if the fashion world has such a label. --Robert W King 18:34, 29 September 2007 (CDT))

  1. Christian Dior
  2. Coco Chanel
  3. Jean-Paul Goethe
  4. Donna Karen
  5. Ralph Lauren
  6. Jordache
  7. Lee
  8. Arthur People
  9. Georgio Armani
  10. Dockers
  11. Nike
  12. Converse
  13. Vans
  14. Levi Strauss
  15. Mr. Blackwell
  16. Tiffany & Company
  17. Calvin Klein
  18. Betsey Johnson
  19. Brooks Brothers
  20. Polo
  21. Adidas
  22. Reebok

14. Landscaping [a business and a hobby]

15. Entertainment--this is interesting: all performance arts and sports provide entertainment; they are also hobbies and professions--my head hurts! Perhaps in Business, and/or Sociology?

  1. Madison Square Garden

16. Art -- now you can't believe we don't have this, uhu?

17. Man

18. Sex and/or Gender

19. Sexual intercourse surely belongs somewhere. Anthropology? Hobbies?