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An informational catalog, or several catalogs, about Bomber aircraft.

First World War


Second World War


United States

Cold War

While the Soviet Tu-95 and U.S. B-52 were introduced in the Cold War, variants continue in service today.


Soviet Union

United Kingdom

  • Valiant (bomber) [r]: First British all-jet strategic "V-bomber", served 1955-1965, converted to tanker, low level attack and photo-reconnaissance after the newer bombers entered the fleet [e]
  • Victor (bomber) [r]: British jet strategic bomber that served from 1958 from 1993, later converted to tanker and reconnaissance aircraft; carried heavier payload a shorter distance than the Vulcan [e]
  • Vulcan (bomber) [r]: Last British heavy jet bomber, intended for nuclear missions but last used conventionally in the Falklands War [e]

United States

  • B-36 [r]: Among the largest aircraft ever built, a WWII-designed intercontinental bomber, vulnerable to fighters but an interim Cold War aircraft until jet bombers were available; some continuing reconnaissance use [e]
  • B-45 [r]: First all-jet U.S. medium bomber, briefly operational in bombing and reconnaissance roles [e]
  • B-47 [r]: U.S. medium strategic bomber, primarily assigned to nuclear missions from bases along the periphery of the Soviet Union [e]
  • B-50 [r]: An upgrade of a B-29 bomber, intended as an interim nuclear delivery vehicle pending the availability of the B-36 and B-47, and also in reconnaissance and tanker versions [e]
  • B-58 [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • B-70 [r]: Add brief definition or description


Multirole fighters play a major role in current bombing operations, but the emphasis here is on purpose-built bombers.