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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Paralanguage.
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  • Color [r]: The property of reflecting light of a particular wavelength distinguished by the qualities of hue (as red, brown, yellow, etc.), lightness (for pigmented surfaces) or brightness (for light itself), and saturation (the degree of intensity of a hue). [e]
  • Emoticon [r]: or smilies, are textual context tools for indicating moods or expressions in email, irc, instant messenger, or other real-time chat communications. [e]
  • Linguistics [r]: The scientific study of language. [e]
  • Pragmatics [r]: Branch of linguistics concerned with language in use or the study of meaning as it arises from language occurring in context. [e]
  • Semantics (linguistics) [r]: The subfield of the study of language which focuses on meaning. [e]