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The Citizendium Engineering Workgroup
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This is a listing of articles under the purview of the Engineering Workgroup (see that page if you are interested in helping Citizendium improve these articles). Note that not all articles listed here are "CZ Live" articles, probably most of them are.

To designate an article for inclusion in this workgroup and in any active subgroups, go to the article's Metadata page and :

  • List Engineering as one of the workgroup categories (i.e., cat1, cat2 or cat3) as indicated by the A in the adjacent image.
  • List any active subgroup(s) as one of the subgroup categories (i.e., sub1, sub2 or sub3) as indicated by the B in the adjacent image.
  • Write the appropriate entries for cat_check, status, underlinked and cleanup (if that has not already been done). The Metadata page includes guidance on writing those entries.
  • It is often necessary to "jog" articles to make them display in workgroups and subgroups. "Jogging" is done by editing an article's main page and adding a blank space at the end of any paragraph.
  • The Metadata page may list the article for inclusion in as many as 3 main workgroup categories plus as many as 3 subgroup categories.

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