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Parent topics

  • Neurology [r]: The medical specialty concerned with evaluating the nervous system and the other system that it affects, and the treatment of nervous system disorders. [e]


Other related topics

  • Consciousness [r]: Sense of awareness of self and of the environment. [e]
  • Dizziness [r]: A sense of spatial disorientation, motion of the environment, or lightheadedness. [e]
  • Amnesia [r]: Pathologic partial or complete loss of the ability to recall past experiences (retrograde amnesia) or to form new memories (anterograde amnesia). [e]
  • Stroke [r]: A sudden loss of brain function due to interrupted blood supply. [e]
  • Dementia [r]: Progressive decline in two or more cognitive domains that is severe enough to interfere with the performance of everyday activities. [e]
  • Transient global amnesia [r]: Temporary short-term memory loss that may result from the deactivation of the brain's temporal lobes and/or thalamus. [e]
  • Amaurosis fugax [r]: A neurological symptom that is transient complete or partial monocular blindness due to retinal ischemia. This may be caused by emboli from the carotid artery (usually in association with carotid stenosis) and other locations that enter the central retinal artery. [e]