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  • BBC [r]: British state-owned radio and TV broadcasting organization founded in 1922 under Lord John Reith. [e]
  • Cellular telephony [r]: A set of techniques that let many low-powered portable telephones connect to the fixed network, often exchanging data and images as well as voice [e]
  • Communication [r]: The set of interactive processes that create shared meaning. [e]
  • Computer network [r]: A collection of computers or digital devices ("nodes") connected by communication links. [e]
  • Conference call [r]: Conference by telephone in which three or more persons in different locations participate by means of a central switching unit. [e]
  • Convergence of communications [r]: Technical specifications and infrastructure to allow all types of communications (e.g., telephone, web, television) to interface over a common set of information transfer technologies [e]
  • Edinburgh [r]: The capital of Scotland. [e]
  • Frequency modulation [r]: Technique for imposing information onto a electromagnetic signal of constant frequency -- the "carrier wave". [e]
  • Intelligent Voice Response [r]: A means of human-to-computer interfacing, most commonly implemented over a voice telephone call, in which the response to user input is in the form of either prerecorded or synthesized speech [e]
  • Journalism [r]: Practice of writing about daily events of interest to people - politics, international affairs, sports, etc. [e]
  • Knitting [r]: Method of creating fabric by means of pulling rows of loops of yarn through other loops with straight needles. [e]
  • Marketing [r]: An academic discipline which involves vocational training in many areas of business, such as advertising, public relations, product design, pricing, distribution, sales force management, and so on. [e]
  • Packet [r]: A unit of information transferred between intermediate switches or routers in a packet-based communication system; the most basic differentiation of packets are whether they contain full source and destination addresses (i.e., are datagrams) or have only the identifier of a connection, which the intermediate device needs to look up to find the destination and take a second step to decide where to forward the packet [e]
  • Ring (disambiguation) [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • SIGINT ground-based platforms [r]: Fixed, transportable or mobile facilities, on land, which contain signals intelligence sensors [e]
  • Spoken language [r]: An example of language produced using some of the articulatory organs, e.g. the mouth, vocal folds or lungs, or intended for production by these organs; alternatively, the entire act of communicating verbally - what people mean or intend, the words they use, their accent, intonation and so on. [e]
  • Star Trek [r]: Popular American science fiction television series, created by Gene Roddenberry; gained an enormous cult following and spawned an entire fictional universe, films, other series and an extremely successful business enterprise. [e]
  • Telephone Number Mapping [r]: A suite of protocols to unify the telephone numbering system E.164 with the Internet addressing system DNS by using an indirect lookup method, to obtain NAPTR records. [e]
  • Telephone newspaper [r]: A telephone-based news service in the first years after market introduction of the telephone. [e]
  • Television [r]: Electronic transmission of moving pictures. [e]
  • Unicode [r]: Character encoding standard designed to formalize a universal representation of alphanumeric symbols. [e]
  • Universal emergency telephone number system [r]: A single, short telephone number, such as 911 or 112, which will connect the caller to a dispatcher capable of determining the need for ambulance, police, fire or other emergency services, and arranging for the service(s) to get to the location where the problem exists [e]
  • Voice (communications) [r]: In communications technology, the range of frequencies carried by a telephone or radio intended to be adequate for clearly understandable spoken language, but not necessarily voice (music) [e]
  • Voice (disambiguation) [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Voice Over IP [r]: A form of packetized, digital telephony that uses the Internet Protocol (IP) as its transport mechanism. [e]
  • Voice over Internet Protocol [r]: A family of standards that permits carrying voice telephony over Internet Protocol networks that handle both voice and data, instead of dedicated telephony networks. [e]
  • Warrantless surveillance [r]: The interception of private communications without a warrant. [e]
  • World Wide Web [r]: A global collection of information presented in the form of documents hosted on networked computers and available to the public. [e]